Godzilla Attacks!

More Godzilla.

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23 Responses to Godzilla Attacks!

  1. steve says:

    lol, where do you get these ideas? that’s awesome Doug.


  2. rom says:

    correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be a great allusion to Obama’s signature


    Anyway that was very fun & cute as always, Doug

  3. Max Stone says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Godzilla look so cute. Excellent work.

  4. Ant says:

    Planet of the Chickens?

  5. Sam Juan says:

    You know, technically, this could possibly be viewed as ‘Cat Adventures 8.5’.

    Just saying…

    Nonetheless, still awesome!

  6. fraoch says:

    My god! It’s adorable!

  7. Sagar says:

    Note to self: When really drunk/high/stoned read Savage Chickens.

  8. mariusg says:

    :)) Doug rules!

  9. Suan says:

    You are making me long for rainy childhood Saturdays… watching ‘Creature Double Feature’ on Channel 56 while baking brownies- anyone else grow up in the Boston Area???

  10. Giovanni says:

    I sense a Catzilla there.

  11. karina says:

    That’s is ADORABLE!!!

  12. kristina says:

    So Godzilla is really just a big pussy-cat?

  13. michelle says:

    Ah! So sweet.

  14. cleo says:

    I love that the Statue of Liberty is a chicken, lol.

  15. Ill Bill says:

    Creature Double Feature. I haven’t heard that in years! Fond memories of Godzilla & my all time favorite: GAMERON!!!!

  16. Marco_Mo says:

    hahaha… loved this one… made me laugh so hard

  17. Penh says:

    Oh sure, everyone loves adorable Godzilla in the last panel. But look at him in panel #2, nomming the Statue of Liberty with such grim determination. So awesome! And panel #4, showing off with a classic No-Hands Nom! This may be my favorite Savage Chickens ever.

  18. willwot says:

    once again the string theory hypothesis has been proven that in any given multiverse quantums if a godzilla finds string it will play with it.

  19. Luu says:


  20. Chris K says:

    Gotta love a good Godzilla joke!

  21. Traci says:

    No, not the world’s largest ball of twine! It’s a national treasure…leave it be! 😉

  22. Teleri says:

    International Knit-in-Public-Day anyone? 😀

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