National Treasure

Happy Fourth of July to my American readers!

This is all part of my plan to get Willie Nelson cast as the villain in the next National Treasure movie.

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17 Responses to National Treasure

  1. steve says:

    lol, that’s superb. Thanks Doug

    Willie Nelson as a National Treasure villain would be interesting. He would need a secret attack, involving some cowboy related shenanigans.


  2. I hope your campaign is successful. Doesn’t Willie Nelson have tax problems (again)? He could use the money made from starring in a movie…

  3. By the way, I’ve posted my monthly “quota” of Savage Chickens. Go to

  4. mariusg says:


  5. Tom says:

    But, but… Willie is nobody’s enemy! Well, with the exception of the IRS. And those cops who busted him for possession.

  6. Patrick says:

    hahahahahaha 🙂

    Wille Nelson could have a “pony tail bull whip”

  7. Ian C says:

    Sigh…it’s sad but I would probably watch any version on this. If the Johnny Appleseed secret map was hidden in Taft’s mustache AND Willie was in it (for no obvious reason) I’d wait in line on opening night!

  8. Ian says:

    The climactic battle with Wille would of course end with him being run over by some large vehicle, at which point a corny “On the road again” joke would be made.

  9. kristina says:

    Process flows are now required for Rambo, Die Hard (or almost any Bruce Willis movie), National Lampoon’s Vacation, Terminator, Alien, Friday the 13th, teenage angst movies, etc…

    We look forward to them!

  10. willwot says:

    On the road again whiskey river take my mind blue eyes cryin’ in the rain. Somewhere where the IRS and the dope revnuer won’t bust a man for an illegal smile. That must be in Taft’s mustachio.

  11. Trog says:

    Willie Nelson shooting lasers out of his eyes. That is all.

    Willie Nelson Lasers

  12. Richard Gregg says:

    That’s the true reason they keep stopping his busses and his previous Tx problems..Its a conspiracy.

  13. Nicole says:

    I want a “like” button for Patrick’s and Trog’s comments! 😀

  14. Capt. Obvious says:

    This is not only chickenless but–dare I say it? hardly qualifies as a cartoon…but hilarious nonetheless. Sophisticated criticism by way of a flowchart!

  15. Ted says:

    There is no map in Willy’s guitar, only weed! 😉

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