The Groundhog

Happy Groundhog Day! This cartoon is dedicated to Jessica from Punxsutawney!

Here are more Groundhog Day cartoons and more Useless Mutants.

Also, there’s still lots of time to enter my 7th anniversary contest! Win a signed copy of my book!

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7 Responses to The Groundhog

  1. steve says:

    didn’t you post this cartoon yesterday?


  2. Jeroen says:

    and the day before that? 😉

  3. willwot says:

    Being a zombie and one of the undead he can’t count mine, purportedly I am unable to cast (although my body of work speaks for itself I got a walk-on part in Night of the Living Dead and I am still working today remember that chicken in Zombieland), useless indeed.

  4. Wildbird says:

    Still a little groggie after his hibernation but can still spot a shaow a mile away

  5. Tom says:

    He shares his power to be frequently incorrect with another useless mutant, Weather Man.

  6. Carlos Novia says:

    Funny creature! He’s even got a cape!!

  7. sam says:

    Yayy! Another useless mutant!

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