Cat Inventions

Dedicated to reader Jenny Barbell, who asked for a cartoon with both chickens and cats.

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12 Responses to Cat Inventions

  1. Pamela says:

    This is a topic that could be explored over and over. The fur ball and 10 hour nap are perfect examples of cat inventions.
    Love it! and will share it …

  2. My cats would just help themselves if they were next to a chicken.

  3. brigitte says:

    “Adorable” really hits the mark!

  4. willwot says:

    hairball app — cause a human to regurgitate.
    hairball app — cause a human to slip on the floor, if done in the dark and no one hears and they are going to the bathroom without turning on the lights or are still so shut eye they don’t see it; man that one gets this cat laughing every time heeeeheeee.

  5. Jim Stud says:

    I love it!! It reminds me of my cat!

  6. 3occupied says:

    I was reminded of Larson’s “Cow Tools” for some reason…. Cows seem to be the nobler of inventors, the cat inventions just support my notion that cats are evil and soulless.

  7. cleo says:

    Thankfully my cats haven’t discovered the “furniture scratches” language (yet) but they have everything else down to a fine art 🙂

  8. ant says:

    Doug, I love your cat cartoons!

  9. “A complex written language composed of furniture scratches”

    You’ve just explained away Ogham!

  10. Wildbird says:

    We used to have this cat that would lay around with the tip of his tougne sticking out

  11. Nix says:

    Let’s not forget Cat Mind Control, where they sit in your lap, purring, and you wake 3 hours later!

    (My husband also thinks that LSD is not made in a lab, but extracted from cat brains.)

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