Zombie Cat

Dedicated to Claire, because it’s her birthday today, and she likes cats and zombies.

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22 Responses to Zombie Cat

  1. dirk says:

    I exepected zombiecat to sleep.

  2. Chibi says:

    Thanks Claire for putting in the Cat !. Is the Cat been killed for the Tuna ? or is he just arrived at the wrong moment for the Chicken :D.

  3. romana says:

    I don’t really get it… the “rrrrr” sound of the can opener can me mistaken for an automatic gun?

    • Doug says:

      It’s the electric can opener noise, which cats are famous for being able to hear a mile away, or a mile away and six feet under in this case!

      • Greg Rajewski says:

        Doug, I can confirm that observation about cats hearing the “can cue” when it’s time to eat. All it took for me was to rattle the top of the can with my fingers and my cats came running from their hiding places!

        I guess only readers who have owned cats for a few years can relate to this cartoon. I laughed immediately and was surprised some folks didn’t get it.

        You might consider creating a new tag: Geddit?

        Thanks for the laughs as always!

      • romana says:

        no wonder I didn’t get it… I had a cat, but never an electric can opener 😀

  4. He’s so cute! I need a zombie cat in my life! 😀

  5. Ann says:

    All these cat cartoons remind me of the old “cat stories” in the Westport Mirror! Old times!

  6. dredpiratebunny says:

    this is pretty much the best thing ever. zombies and cats is second only to zombies and bunnies.

  7. Claire says:

    I am over the moon! thank you so much!
    Definitely have to have this one….

  8. Wildbird says:

    Zombie cat can hear the can opener a mile or more away

  9. DrBahb says:

    tuna…brains !!! ….

  10. willwot says:


  11. Linda says:

    Ohhhh noooooooo! What’s going to happen next??

  12. Ross says:

    Chickens eat tuna? Who knew? 😀

  13. Wildbird says:

    Probibly was adopted by some seagulls, Ross

  14. Tom says:

    Nice can opener! Keul

  15. Kehos says:

    This is the first zombie-cat I’ve ever seen!

  16. blisschick says:

    You get the same effect with the rustle of plastic kitty treat bags. Other plastic items may be confused with kitty treats, so exercise caution.

  17. jason says:

    Nice can opener there.

  18. Nicole Gomez says:

    the rustle of plastic kitty treat bags. Other plastic items may be confused

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