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20 Responses to Rapunzel

  1. cholling says:

    Ren & Stimpy already did this joke. It’s no less disgusting twenty years later.

  2. Alex Smith says:

    Cyanide & Happiness – Repulsel

  3. Wildbird says:

    The prince is really going to have a nervous break down

  4. willwot says:

    proboscus hairycus

  5. Greg Rajewski says:

    Doug, I see you created a tag for “nose hair” … does that mean we can expect a new series? 😉

  6. Piercing says:

    OMG, disgusting! can you imagine? 😛

  7. Traci says:

    While it was funny, I have to admit that I am bitterly disappointed it wasn’t a chicken with Rapunzel-length hair. Please draw one!

  8. Don says:

    Oh, gross!!!!!!

  9. Tom says:

    I didn’t see that one coming. Now I can’t unsee that one coming.

  10. Marci says:

    I too thought Rapunzel should’ve been a chicken.

  11. Jackson says:


  12. tony bond says:

    Doug, watching “Fractured Fairy Tales” again, late at night with ice cream and cheese wiz?

  13. Jackson says:

    Perhaps she was growing her nose hair long in anticipation of a visit from the Boogeyman.


  14. Mike Shawaluk says:

    This reminded me of the Don Martin strip in an issue of “Mad” that was a variation on this joke: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-iF69WF7jI3I/TtC7vYg_KqI/AAAAAAAAAto/TRPap6aYyRw/s640/rapunzel+1.jpg

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