GoComicsSavage Chickens is now on Universal Uclick’s GoComics.com!

So now you can read classic Savage Chickens cartoons alongside your other favorite comics. You can even create an account on GoComics and have all of the comics you like sent to you automatically. Check it out!

GoComics will start off with running my cartoons from a few years ago, so it’ll be a great way to see some of your old faves.

And I’ll be hanging out at the GoComics booth when I’m at San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks. More news on my SDCC schedule soon!

Update: Here’s the announcement over on the GoComics blog!

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11 Responses to Savage Chickens on GoComics

  1. fan says:

    Will new comics still be posted here, or will we have to wait for “a few years” for gocomics to catch up?

    • Doug says:

      Yes, new comics will still be posted here first, so the GoComics Savage Chickens page will probably always be a few years behind this site.

  2. Marcintosh says:

    Congratulations, Doug! Not only on being added to GoComics, but for also being able to control the distribution of your new comics.

  3. Jacob Share says:

    Congrats Doug! This is great news. Upward and onward.

  4. Ujjwal Dey says:

    Hello Doug and congratulations for finally breaking into the “mainstream” comic world.

    Hope you get syndicated into newspapers soon enough.

    Reviewed the Savage Chickens so many years ago here. Great to see this happen.

    I had the honor of starting the Wiki Page for SavageChickens then. Now that Wiki page should thrive.


  5. Ant says:

    Cool! We will get double dosages (old and new) on weekdays and then still old ones on the weekends (no new ones on weekends).

  6. Maria E. says:

    I have to say, of all the SDCC Special Guests announced so far, you are without a doubt the one I am most excited to see. Yours is one of the few webcomics I still keep up with on a day-to-day basis, so I’m excited for the chance to meet you in person in a few weeks. =)

  7. Doug says:

    Thanks for all the congrats everybody! Much appreciated! 🙂

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