Clear-Cut Case

Dedicated to happy tree fan Samuel H., who turned twenty yesterday – happy belated birthday Samuel!

And here are more happy trees!

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8 Responses to Clear-Cut Case

  1. steve says:

    I always thought it was cereal killer, and wondered why people go to prison for being one.


  2. willwot says:

    If you were the lone tree in the forest(would it be a forest) wood you hear yourself fall? Why did the treehugger spike the tree? Because it was a vampire??

  3. Ada says:

    I love his creepy grin. (Creepy even for the Happy Trees!)

  4. tony bond says:

    Its not surreal killer?

  5. Tom says:

    Okay, on the count of three we run…

  6. Wildbird says:

    They had to put tuocan sam under police protection becuase of the cereal killer

  7. Jeremy says:

    Except this is a case where Holmes would be built…

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