An Epic Journey

Dedicated to Tiger and Bunny – it’s their anniversary today. Happy anniversary, you two!

With thanks to Matt Groening and Yann Martel, two inspiring and talented guys. Here are more special guests.

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10 Responses to An Epic Journey

  1. lusty says:

    really cool fry!

  2. steve says:

    lol, awesome!

    : )

  3. WTBA says:


  4. Ben Scott says:

    Need a different character for a change? Why not Zoidberg?

  5. Kehos says:

    Wow you drew them very well!!

  6. Wildbird says:

    Big fry and small fry

  7. Heather says:

    Love it! Futurama rocks!

  8. willwot says:

    Trapped on a row boat with a creature that needs a friend and you just cannot bear another day with a Zoidberg. Jump, Fry, jump.

  9. Faycat (Bunny) says:

    Thank you so much, Doug!! You made us even more happy!

  10. Rob R says:

    Ha! This was the only highlight of my day in the office! Great work!

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