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I started Savage Chickens eight years ago today! To help celebrate, I’m giving away fifteen of my new e-books! You can win your choice of one of the new e-books from GoComics and Andrews McMeel: Relationships According to Savage Chickens, Zombies According to Savage Chickens, or The Very Very Best of Savage Chickens. To enter, just do one of the following:

1. Add a comment to this post telling me which Savage Chickens cartoon was your favourite one from the past year, or
2. Retweet my 8th anniversary cartoon on Twitter, or share it on GooglePlus or Facebook.

I’ll choose 15 random winners on Friday night!

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88 Responses to Win a Savage Chickens e-book!

  1. fabbv says:

    I loved this post from a few days ago: happens to me all the time…

  2. aspeed says:

    More Godzilla Movies is probably my favorite. I’d see every single one of those movies. (Oh, and I already bought the Very Very Best of Savage Chickens.)

  3. I loved the one the other day where Godzilla was saying that the city needed more independent book stores.

  4. Roberto says:

    Hi Doug. My favorite cartoon from the past year is this one:

    I own two cats so I know what means when they start to mew for food 🙂

  5. Adria B says:

    My favourite cartoon in the last year is a tough decision but if forced to choose, it would be ‘Spot the Difference’

  6. thomas says:

    My favourite is the time traveler chicken who prove himself to his present self.. by punching his present self eye. :]

    Really stupid thing to do but gives real and instant prove.

    The other one is the strip with marketer chicken who suggest more violent on this cartoon.

  7. Jacques Mostert says:

    My favorite (printed out and stuck on the back of my monitor at work) has to be

    Love your work.

  8. Doug Black says:

    Love the Hoth one! Thanks for 8 years!

  9. I love the “how to treat aracnophobia”.. hehehe The best of, for me.

  10. Helen Cox says:

    I am hoping to graduate this year so I like

  11. M. T. Head says:

    Corporate Survivalist 8 narrowly edges out 6 and 9.

  12. Laurie says:

    My favourite of this year was Pure Evil

    ……But my all-time favourite is still Tigger

  13. Stefan says:

    There are quite a few cartoons I like, the first one that comes to my mind is this:

  14. Jimmy B. says:

    Me likes “Spiderman Walks His Dog”,the entire ‘boss with a board with a nail in it’ office series, and all the Star Trek ones. 8 years, man! A few more years and Savage Chickens will have outlived Bloom County. Your dedication and endurance is bothersome. Chill out, success junkie. Grab one of my comfy chairs and watch some Buffy with me. (Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration)

  15. Sanjay Bhandari says:

    Savage Chickens is more awesome than very awesome.

  16. Max says:

    I liked this one, because it is exactly how my girlfriend acts after drinking even a drop of a caffeinated beverage.

  17. Kimmeh says:

    My favorite is actually one that was on your favorite list – Zombie Cat!
    I love all of the cat comics but cats & zombies!? AWESOME!

  18. Daniel Diniz says:

    The Timmy Toffu´s Ineffective Pickup Lines

  19. Matt says:

    My favorite had to be Middle Earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see a starbucks in the Hobbit Trilogy, with product placement being so big now.

  20. Jonna Harrington says:

    can’t decide: either Timmy Tofu’s Ineffective Pick-up Lines, or “Horde of the Dance” with the step-dancing Irish zombies – and to Doug: Congrats on 8 years and thank you for making me laugh every single day

  21. George says:

    I really hate it when people say they “hate their computer” (it’s usually because they’re expecting the computer to do something other than what the are actually telling the computer to do), so I really liked this one:

  22. Daniela says:


    happy anniversary!

    I really enjoyed the “Quarterly results”-Cartoon!

    Of course you know your own cartoon but for those, who read the comments, here´s the link: 🙂

  23. Happy birthday
    I really got a kick out of the Klingon Scrabble strip from the other day. Passed that on along to some select geeky friends.

  24. Andrew Reid says:

    Happy eighth! I think my all-time favourite is “Tech Support 1200 AD”, which I have on my door at work — the tech-support chicken reboots an abacus by turning it upside-down. Weirdly, I can’t find this one in the archive.

    I also have some secondary faves, for punniness, I like the disenchanted forest —

    And of course I am fond of the bear-themed one dedicated to me and my wife on our 18th anniversary —

    • Doug says:

      Another one that almost made my Top Ten list. I actually held onto that idea for a year or so until I felt like I could adequately draw those superheroes. I like how Aquaman sort of looks like William Katt! 🙂

  25. Matt Garcia says:

    I love “Timmy Tofu’s Pick-up Lines” … very instructive!

  26. Stiv says:

    I really love this strip:

    Happy anniversary and I hope you’ll cheer up your readers for next 8 years too!

  27. Annika says:

    I am hesitant to choose a *favorite* but I laughed pretty hard at the Starbucks locations of Middle-earth.

  28. DoubleJay says:

    My favorite from the last year is Cupcake Land (followed closely by Unicorn and Cat Plumber).

    Congratulations on 8 years of awesomeness.

  29. Emily M says:

    My favorite from this year was Prime Directive:

  30. Lydia says:

    My favorite is the one where the chicken call in sick to places where it doesnt work! So funny!! I have it in my desk

  31. Jens B says:

    I think that Timmy Tofu’s Ineffective Pick-up Lines, is your best sub-series of all time! They are all hilarious! I have a hard time deciding the best one, it’s either: Come Here Often? or A Place Like This.
    I think I’ll stick with “A Place Like This“, that one’s got really a funny twist!

    • Jens B says:

      Also, I love Timmy’s facial expressions.
      I know that it’s just a block of tofu, but his expressions make my day every time!

      • Doug says:

        I’m always amazed by how much Timmy’s expression can change. He’s such a minimalistic drawing, so he presents all sorts of interesting cartooning problems, like… how do you make a smiling box look lecherous? Or how do you make him look like he’s drinking beer at a bar when he doesn’t have any arms?

        For some reason, I drew way more Timmy Tofu cartoons this year and it was nice to see him back in action 🙂

  32. David Chambers says:

    Honestly anything with Prod3000, although every-time I see him I always end up with the line from the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror when Kang realizes that the humans are fighting back “This one’s got a board with a nail in it!”

  33. Noelia says:

    My favourite cartoon in the last year is Jenkins:
    I love is so cute! 🙂

  34. Amy says:

    Hi Doug! I’m a big fan of your comics. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love Refreshment. I’ve always thought polar bears and evil and you gave me some great evidence.

  35. Aniko says:

    My favorite was Olympics for the Lazy 1: The 100-Meter Meander.

    I’m plain embarrassed to admit how long I spent contemplating how that competition would be judged. Based on style, the randomness of the meander, speed of the meander, complexity of the route taken as seen from air…? Is it an individual competition like its cousin 100-meter sprint or is it a team sport…? Is the meandering conducted in grass, sand or what? Can you use drugs to enhance your performance (like what, alcohol?)? …How do you even train meandering?

  36. Nichole s says:

    I have been a Fan for years.So many comics to choose from. I love Cat Zombie! I also just enjoy all the ones with cats, star trek and star wars.LOVE THOSE CHICKENS. 🙂

  37. ghostcrab311 says:

    Without question, arrived at the end of a perfect storm of a week, technologically speaking, for me.

    I laughed and laughed and laughed. 😀

  38. Bryan says:

    My favorite Savage Chickens comic from the past year is Nice Day For A Walk (and not just because it was dedicated to me. Didn’t hurt though!)

  39. Molly says:

    My favorite was Riker talking to the cat woman from outer space. I have been re watching TNG and forgot what a pimp he was.

  40. Kate says:

    I believe I am not the only person who finds it hard to choose only one cartoon (this problem with choosing is worst when I face a restaurant menu.. I’m probably the only person who cheers with joy when the menu consists of a single page). But, as a coffee addict, one of my most-favorites from last year is the one with potential coffee substitutes.
    PS: congratulations on the new books! 🙂

  41. Samreen Mukhtar says:

    I love ALL jason’s cartoons but this one is one of my most favs.

    love the air-freshner tree =D

    also that one “asthmatic ninja fails again” where he sneezes.

    and the quietest place on earth is a ninja library..

    i remember so many of your cartoons and i take their prints to pin on the cube wall =)

  42. Jen says:

    Its really impossible to decide because, well, its just really impossible to decide! That said, I do really love Nov. 19’s “Up to Speed”!
    Thanks Doug for lighting up the day every morning. You are better than the sun.

  43. DD Powers says:

    It’s impossible to choose just one. From the past year, I love The New Guy. My favorite of all time might be yawnomatopoei… so hard to choose!
    Thanks for the daily giggles. Here’s to 8 more years of chicken humor!

  44. Pablo says:

    Choosing only one is too hard, but the Christmas ones were killer (quite literally :D) I specially liked the Caffeine one, and the Nakatomi Plaza one ( and

  45. Jessica says:

    I have to say that I LOVED the 3D The Best Christmas:

    Not only was it very unique in that it was 3D, but it totally reminds me of the Christmas when my parents’ cat climbed the tree — and my sister sat watching as it fell over!

  46. Ill Bill says:

    My favorite for the past year has to be “How To Train Your Cat”. Congratulations on 8 great years of “Chickens” and I look forward to another year of great work.

  47. John says:

    How to train your cat, Lesson 2. An expensive yet effective way to stop your cat from scratching the furniture.

  48. Susan says:

    Congratulations on 8 years! Your dedication to the chickens is awesome! So hard to decide what is my favorite from 2012, so I pick “A work of art” Timmy Tofu’s inneffective pick up line from March 12th. My all time favorite, and I bring it up in conversation every curling match we watch, is from February 26, 2010…watch for it, you don’t want to miss the golden snitch! LOL!
    Thanks for all the fun!

  49. Yanni says:

    It is very difficult to pick just ONE, but I can definitely relate to this one:

    Your comic never fails to make me laugh. Thank you Doug! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  50. Tracie says:

    My favorite cartoon from this past year was “Where No Cat Has Gone Before.”

  51. Heather says:

    Darn it, Doug! How are we supposed to pick just one favorite! (Excuse me, “favourite” as you say in Canada, eh?)

    My indecision, coupled with a mild dose of OCD, compelled me to re-read every cartoon in 2012 and I still only managed to narrow it down to my three fav categories: chicken cartoons, chickenless cartoons, and special guest cartoons. There were so many that made me laugh out loud that I didn’t know where to begin!

    That being said, I will choose this one for purely sentimental reasons:

    Might I also add: CONGRATS on your 8-year anniversary! I only wish I had found your cartoons sooner! There has been a hole in my comic life for so long since Gary Larson stopped putting out new material. I am pleased to say that you are now my new FAV cartoonist! Keep up the good work, sir!

    • Heather says:

      Apologies for rambling, but now I feel compelled to share a few of my favorites (in random order):

      A Challenge
      I Heart You
      A Lost Art (b/c I love cheese)
      The Death of Books (b/c I love books)
      At The Library
      Late Again
      Introduce Yourself
      Cat Psychologist
      Cupcake Land
      Summer Heat (b/c I live in the desert)
      Super Friends

      And these work toons:
      Another Day
      Tough Questions
      Looking Ahead

  52. Elissa says:

    Love, love, love the Teambuilding Tips series – I used them for a training I conducted – they were a hit! But I also like the Train Your Cat series. What can I say – I LOVE SAVAGE CHICKENS!!! ‘-D

  53. Tim McBride says:

    It was a tough decision given all the great choices. “Conflicted”(Mar 19) really encapsulated they way I felt when I was involuntarily reassigned in my organization at the beginning of the year. But the one that makes me laugh every time I see it, that never fails to lighten my mood, is “Rover” (Oct 12). I have no doubt that is precisely the first thing a time-traveling dog would do! Just thinking about it has a smile on my face right now. Keep up the good work!

  54. Haylie says:

    Love this one

    I always thought Rudolph’s reindeer friends are very mean.

  55. M says:

    My favourite one was “Employee Morale”.

    To the next eight years 😉

  56. Nicolás says:

    It’s a hard decision, there are a lot of good ones, and in most of them appears PROD3000, …but today If I have to pick one, I choose: “Zombie Memory” (26 Oct 2012 ).


  57. Potfur says:

    It’s really hard to choose, but there are two pictures – the one I really like, and one that I hate because it gives me goosebumps (for a reason my company won’t allow me to talk about 😉 ). Oh wait, now I see it’s the same picture… damn.

  58. Michelle T. says:

    The Die Hard one was definitely my favorite. Looking forward to what you make in 2013!

  59. Martine Achard says:

    My favourite this year was Employee Morale.
    Or was it my least favourite? Because it made me laugh. No. Cry. I don’t know anymore. But I printed a few and posted them in the office…

  60. Camila says:

    My favorite is 4-D… I wish I could time travel just for this hahaha

  61. Patricia loves GALAN BA says:

    My favourite for 2012 is Work With Passion!!!!
    I love them all and you make my day everyday!!!

  62. Hunter, future zombie executive says:

    My favorite comic of the last few years was the 2nd of the great Teambuilding Tip series.

    Keep up the great work Dave, glad to see such a smart comic get published.

  63. Jen Coakley says:

    Damn, so hard to choose! Among my favorites this year besides the Cat Adventures (incredibly realistic) and cartoons about communication was the Captcha cartoon.

    Doug seems fond of the phrase ‘piss off’ and so am I when it comes to what often feels like attempts to deliberately frustrate people!

    I don’t know how I was lucky enough to discover Savage Chickens at the time he was just starting out (besides the fact that I had lots of free time at a painfully boring job) but I am so happy I did!

  64. John says:

    My Favourite is Employee Morale

  65. Rebecca says:

    I just found this website a few months ago and spent days voraciously tearing through all the old comics. My favorite from this past year was from Nov 5th:

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