As Time Goes By

Here’s more life.

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11 Responses to As Time Goes By

  1. Ant says:

    Yeah, life does suck! Finally, Chicken finds that out. šŸ˜›

  2. willwot says:

    Living the Dream Baby Livin’ the Dream, Chicken wanted to be a vacuum

  3. Wildbird says:

    If life is a bowl of cherries what am i doing in the pits?

  4. Oracle says:

    Wow he must have a Dyson. Suckers never quit.

  5. Helena Nelson (@Nell_Nelson) says:

    Brilliant! Though this is also like the wisdom one. Back to square one now.

  6. Eric R says:

    Roasted chicken sucks for it but rules for me.

  7. Luu says:

    This is going to be one of my favourites ever!

  8. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me laugh out loud!

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