dougsavage300I recently chatted with Joel Duggan and Matt Ducharme on Comics Coast To Coast. This was my second time on the show, and I had a great time again! This time around, I talk about: my cartooning process, comic licensing, Hal-Con,, eBooks, Timmy Tofu, and more! Go have a listen…

Some of the specific comics mentioned in the interview are: Adventures in Fishing, Documentary (with the trilobites), Contempt (catnip mouse: defense attorney), and Stomp (Canadian Godzilla).

We also mentioned Comic Rocket a few times – here’s a link to it!

If you have a follow-up question about anything I mentioned in the interview, throw it into the comments here and I’ll answer it!

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4 Responses to Doug interviewed on Comics Coast To Coast – again!

  1. Is being on the equivalent of being a syndicated newspaper cartoonist? What is their model for compensation?

    • Doug says:

      I’d say print and online syndication are different beasts, but they are connected and involve a lot of the same people. One of those people is Universal Uclick president John Glynn, who explains it all more eloquently than I can – here’s an interview where he talks about how syndicates are combining their print and online worlds. As for the compensation model, I think it varies from artist to artist.

      As I said in the interview, I’ve had a fantastic experience working with GoComics. I highly recommend them to all my fellow cartoonists! 🙂

  2. John says:

    Had a listen to the interview on the weekend. Good times! Didn’t realize you had drawn so many comics (over 2000!). I’d have to agree that it’s a shame that we can’t easily surf through the archive, but I guess that just gives us more incentive to buy the books! 🙂 Congrats, Doug. Keep goin’, man!

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