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10 Responses to Adaptation

  1. Janouk says:

    I’ve got tears in my eyes man! XD Brilliant.

  2. Wildbird says:

    Something it learned from a ostrich no doubt

  3. ash says:

    Eventually it lost its rear end became the Horned Viper.

  4. ash says:

    There was meant to be an “an” in my last comment.
    I will now hang my head in shame knowing that I didn’t proof ahnreaduh my comment.

  5. Oracle says:

    OMG What a coincidence. I’m classifying species on the Serengeti on Zooniverse. Love the acacia trees. Love the comic! Thanks Doug!

  6. Jackson says:

    And the reason it’s so rare?

    It can’t see the Lions coming!

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