Think Outside the Box

More innovation.

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8 Responses to Think Outside the Box

  1. Oracle says:

    …and your point is?

  2. Wildbird says:

    Like the box the software is shipped all over the nation is sent

  3. Carla D. says:

    I would eat that pizza.

  4. willwot says:

    I would, but I feel confined by the lines that have been drawn around me both literally and figuratively. I go to a building each and every day which are the lines drawn in my world. I drive on roads that have lines that if I cross over can cause catastrophic events to occur, not only to myself but to others, at the time I think beyond the limiting space line confinement. When and where people really want me to think beyond such lines they will usually answer in the same regards as the PROD3000. Then I begin to wonder about the confining lines and why it is that they asked the question or requested the action in the first place if the thought or action is far beyond the scope of their limited confined lined thinking.

    But that’s just me, I guess.

  5. Howard says:

    That’s too close to what has already been done. What you want is something really crazy, like pizza with a sushi roll crust. Broil it, don’t bake it, so the cheese melts without cooking the sushi. As far as I know, no one has ever done that.

  6. Lydia says:


    by the gods, that would be so incredible someone make and market this immediately so I can purchase one

  7. John says:

    @Lydia: LOL! Then you could say “Hey! Stop eating that! It’s nacho pizza!” 🙂

  8. Amb says:

    But the Pizza would be inside the box, so they are saved.

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