Can't Sleep

This one’s a belated birthday dedication to reader David G. – hope you had a good birthday yesterday!

And it’s the beginning of a week of Halloween comics – including my annual Halloween caption contest. Check back tomorrow for your chance to win Savage Chickens stuff!

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5 Responses to Can’t Sleep

  1. Jesper says:

    Maybe it was all of the above.

  2. Nysssa says:

    There’s probably a pea under the mattress.

  3. Oracle says:

    Yeah, could be the acid

  4. Wildbird says:

    Time to cut down on the guilt trips

  5. willwot says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray that this is not the god that will be the soul keep,
    For if I perish before I awake,
    I fear my soul to end up in a lake (of fire).

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