No Bonus

More expectations.

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8 Responses to No Bonus

  1. Willwot says:

    The George Carlin question expect the unexpected makes the unexpected expected, right?

  2. Wildbird says:

    try that as a toungue twister

  3. antonio bond says:

    Jub knows how to deal with that!

  4. Nebulous says:

    But, but…
    The guys with the high paying jobs over at the Street of Walls get bonuses just because they didn’t quit, whether they did their jobs well or not. “Retainment bonuses” they call them. Why can’t I get one of THOSE?

    • Peter Wolff says:

      Over here in Germany, the mass media sometimes act as if it was a scandal that some obscenely highly paid guys get eight digit bonuses because they DO quit. And for having caused an eleven digit loss.

      And you can’t get either of them because you’re neither child nor child-in-law nor sycophant nor [X-rated word] of one of the old retired guys.

  5. Cleo says:

    Well that explains why I never get a bonus! I work too hard 🙂

  6. Peter Wolff says:

    Next year there’ll be expectation of exceeded exceeded expectations, so no bonus again.

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