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4 Responses to 3D Printer

  1. Kim says:

    I would proudly display a Yoda head if I had a 3D printer too! What’s more awesome than a Yoda head, well okay maybe a whole Yoda! 🙂

  2. belphebe says:

    I prefer to print a cute octopus waving a tentacle to show how awesome my 3D printer is.

    However, if you want to read about really awesome 3D printed items, check out the 3D printed hands at E-nabling the Future:
    (I just found out about this group today.)

  3. Allen's Brain says:

    Mm! Awesome my printer is, yes!

    Got the book & buttons today, Doug. Thanks!

  4. Niri Tacen says:

    Yoda looks less than impressed.

    On a side note… the popular tags have “psychology robot” side-by-side. I’d love to see one with just such a character… 🙂

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