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7 Responses to Seagulls

  1. CMunk says:

    Made me think of this one: Not all gulls.

  2. Gale Langseth says:

    Nothing necessarily to do with seagulls, but if you really want a laugh, ask a Dane to pronounce the word ‘squawk’. Or ‘squeak’ or ‘squish’ or ‘squad’ or ‘squash.’ Yeah, the Danish beer company Tuborg makes an orange drink called Squash, but soSoSO few Danes can say it.

  3. willwot says:

    It’s the one that say grunk that get me.

  4. Jeff says:

    Same to these crows this morning

  5. Andy says:

    A thousand times yes.

  6. Mathias Panzenböck says:

    Seagulls, stop it now!

  7. Rena says:


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