Wookiee Writer

Counting down the days until The Last Jedi! Here are more Star Wars comics!

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3 Responses to Wookiee Writer

  1. Nebulous says:

    The problem isn’t Chewie’s hairy fingers, it’s the SIZE of his fingers.
    I mean, I make fat fingfer errorsa all the tiome, and HIS fingersd are bviggetr than mine!
    (typos intentional)

  2. Peppermallow says:

    The note is interesting, because the keys have been matched to sequences from a qwerty keyboard. This level of detail implies that Doug has hidden an actual message in the note, such as BB8 or C3P0. It doesn’t appear to be those two examples though…

    • Doug says:

      heheh no secret message, but I did intentionally use letters that were close to each other on the keyboard, so it would look like somebody mashing their hands across it! 🙂

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