Et Cetera

See if you can spot the real bug!

And here are more insects.

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9 Responses to Et Cetera

  1. Gale Vester says:

    The real bug is the vertical strip of buglessness right through the center!

  2. Pamela Dunlap says:

    The only bug I see is repeated pattern, ha, its so distracting to me I cannot successfully continue looking for anything else.

    Good advice though- the first house we ever bought had this hidiously mottled browns & reds carpet. It hid EVERYTHING. Dog paw prints, spills, rabbit poops.

    Excellent if you want people to not see stuff. Not so great when you keep stepping in weird things because you don’t see it- now you have a crushed bunny poop on your foot!

  3. Ant says:

    I’m a bug. 😛

  4. Walt Smith says:

    The picture is symetric in quadrants. The one that is not repeated in the other quadrants is in the top right quad, center, bottom. However it is clearly drawn with 8 legs so it is not a bug at all let alone a real bug (yes there is a family called real bugs). 8 legs means a spider (arachnid).

    • Doug says:

      Correct! You found it!
      And of course I’m just using “bug” in the colloquial sense, not the entomological sense. No offense to the Hemiptera order! 🙂

  5. Hal says:

    Good one Doug!

  6. JIm T says:

    small spider two-thirds to the right and half-way down. everything else is repeated.

  7. Marscaleb says:

    This one gave me a good chuckle!

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