On The Bright Side

Still thinking about crocodiles.

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7 Responses to On The Bright Side

  1. Traveller says:

    Well, you could be eaten by crocodiles while being attacked by bears!
    ..and then be fired by prod 3000 for being late for work.
    ..and then be eaten by crocodiles the second time
    ..and then be abducted by aliens and subjected to some pretty shady experiments, while being eaten by crocodiles…

  2. SamJuan says:

    It can get worse if 2 bears suddenly decided to join in on the fun.

  3. RAMPAGE says:

    Don’t say that!
    The fates hate that.
    Every time someone says “Can’t get any worse” it gets worse

  4. Rusty says:

    Couldn’t get worse? What about eels? Snakes? Feral cats that answer to “Bubba”?

  5. Ant says:

    No new comic strip for 5/13/2021 yet. 😛

  6. Aaron Campbell says:

    He says that now, but he hasn’t seen how the judges in the Getting Eaten By Crocodiles competition score him

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