My visit to Ontario continues.

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8 Responses to Celebration

  1. Howard says:

    Different people react to grief in different ways. When my mom died, I needed time to be alone and quiet. Very little could have been as absolutely HATEFUL to me as the crowd of relatives who descended to try to “cheer us up”; I knew they meant well, but even 21 years later, that still makes me angry. Please remember to leave space for those who need it.

  2. Sam says:

    My mom was like yours. Have a church service and then cut loose at home. Everyone reacts in their own way. Some need quiet, others tradition/rites or a party. Celebrate Mom as she lived.

  3. Alane Nunez says:

    It is wonderful to hear the stories that made someone who they are. Don’t be afraid to talk about those memories. You are in my thoughts. <3

    • Howard says:

      Tell the stories, especially to the children who didn’t know her as well as you did. If you can, collect and write down the stories. But if you don’t feel ready to do it yet, do it later. Don’t feel that you have to entertain anyone.

  4. Magali Lachapelle says:

    My sincere condolences. <3

    But, I really want to know what happened with her foot!

  5. Rob Andresen-Tenace says:

    My grandmother was the kind of woman everyone loved and she was a member of the local Sweet Adelines vocal group. We had th reception after her funeral and just randomly throughout the room, people would burst into song remembering her with music and stories that celebrated her life. Those are the best kinds of funeral receptions.

  6. RogerR says:

    I’m going to an ashes-scattering next week for a person who’s been dead a year – Covid restrictions prevented anything sooner.
    In some ways, a chance to say “goodbye”, but it all somehow feels weird: a different world.

  7. Granny Annie says:

    Good laughter. Maybe my kids will tell about the time I caught my hair on fire. Keep loving her memory.

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