Smart Enough

And more aliens.

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3 Responses to Smart Enough

  1. Some Guy says:

    This has been my philosophy.

    Three possible exceptions:

    (1) They’ve made a reality TV show out of our planet that they beam home, to feel better about their own lives.

    (2) Our atmosphere is toxic to them, so they want our 9 billion people mining uranium and rare earth elements because they need them for fuel. Maybe that’s where all of our smoke detectors go (for the americium). Maybe that’ll be where the solar panel and EV waste ultimately goes.

    (3) We’re marketed as some kind of weird experiential space tourism and the aliens get into human suits and those are the “people” you occasionally encounter doing random bizarre things.

  2. David says:

    This astute observation also derails most alien-invasion movies before the opening titles finish scrolling.

    Lifeforms that have unlocked the physics of manipulating gravity and spacetime but can’t firewall their computers or laser a Jeep deserve all the action-movie punchlines they get.

  3. Chad says:

    Hey Some Guy, you are going to love The Arrival

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