More German comics! (And yes I made up the word “Blähungzeichen” – unless maybe it’s a real word?)

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16 Responses to Blähungzeichen

  1. Sascha says:

    Blähungzeichen would be something like fartsign. 😀

  2. J says:

    If you add an s, it would pass as a correct German word: Blähungszeichen.

    • Doug says:

      Argh! I had the “s” in there before but I took it out because I thought it was wrong! 🙂

      • Peter Wolff says:

        Actually, it’s quite complicated: ( takes several seconds, and the specific parts are incomprehensible without the original)

        The -s- is (as far as I understand, not (only) from this Wikipedia article, but from my general knowledge) optional in this case. Nevertheless, I’d recommend to use it if you’re not in good command of the German language (unless there is no other element required, of course…)

  3. RNNN says:

    As an 8 year old, I lived in Germany. I can confirm that at that age I laughed every time.

  4. Vinicius Esgalha says:

    So you can say that you fart on your way in and fart in your way out when in Gernany.

  5. Peter Wolff says:

    The word is correctly built, and therefore it does exists (at least as soon as anyone actually has used it).

    I didn’t expect Google to find this word, but there are a few hits, most of them probably due to Google’s extension of its searches to synonymous terms, but a few actually contain that word – in case you’d like to know:

    – A German translation of a flatulence meme page
    – An Austrian court ruling on the severely disabled status of a person
    – A medical textbook from 1847

  6. Adria says:

    My husband and a friend had a running joke when they lived in Germany that Ausfahrt was the biggest town in Germany

    • Thorfinn says:

      Actually my dad once met an Englishman in Germany who had been searching the map frantically for that city (‘there are so many signs for it – it must be a big place – so why can’t I find it on the map?’)

  7. Jan says:

    The funny thing with the German language is, that you can add as many words together as you like. The resulting compound doesn’t necessarily make sense, but it would be grammatically correct.

    But it wouldn’t be German if it was that simple. For this word you’ll have to add an ‘s’ – Blähungszeichen.
    The grammar nerds call it “Kompositionsfugenelement”, which in itself is a compound of three words with an extra ‘s’. (Had to google it, too).

  8. Rusty says:

    Google Translate bietet eine gute Konvertierung, sowohl für ihr wort als auch für meine Kommentare. Grüße!

  9. Johannes says:

    Wait till you visit Sweden :]

  10. BrianB says:

    One of my favorites: Eierlegende Wollmilchsau.

  11. Peter Wolff says:

    Btw, do you know what our municipal and county banks are called?

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