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Remember this cartoon from back in January?

Well it’s a little known fact that 90% of Savage Chickens cartoons begin life as fart jokes. Here’s the original version:

I think I like the fart version better now that I see it again. I guess some fart jokes are meant to be fart jokes.

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The Monkeys! cartoon began with the following monkey cartoon that I drew last year and never ran:

Feces or not, everybody loves dancing monkeys. Right?

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I ran the following cartoon back on Friday January 12. The published version assumed that Jason Chicken would be sad about being so close to Friday the 13th but yet so far:

But my original version of the cartoon took the opposite approach, assuming that Jason Chicken would be enjoying his day off by indulging in his nonpsychopathic hobbies:

I think the one I originally published probably makes more sense, but I still really like the image of Jason painting a landscape.

This cartoon was the first time that I drew chicken zombies (even though I published this one first). Today I found my early experiments with different types of zombie eyes:

But I ended up going with my original version. It just looked more undead to me:

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