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11 Responses to Space

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s getting scary how similar I am to these chickens.

  2. esampsonite says:

    Oh the irony… I read this on my myspace page this morning. (I wrote a little script that always shows the latest savage chickens cartoon on my profile)

  3. buttercupboxer says:

    it’s all in how you use the space bar.

  4. HiHiHippie says:

    Oh tragic! I read this while I was waiting for my myspace page to load. It’s sad how addictions arise like Myspace, anime, and Savage Chickens…

  5. Fatimajo says:

    my birthdays coming up again on Wednesday the 30th. Do I get a birthday cartoon again this year?? I think we should make it tradition because I am such a loyal fan. I have all my friends checking you out.

  6. Qeen Latifah's Personal Not Fan says:

    hmmm well in that case, i should get a birthday greeting for 5 months ago. But no it never came. And you know why? cause im way to lazy to get a blogger acount and i can only just now post comments.

    Isn’t it wonderful!

    And by the way, i’m a college student. I dont know what my space is. However, Myspace is life.

  7. Doug Savage says:

    Fatimajo, did you REALLY think that I would forget your birthday?

  8. Fatimajo says:

    Doug I never doubted you would forget about me.. you are just that freakin awesome.

    And just so you know…that was the icing on the birthday cake. I had a string of bad birthdays and you helped make the best one to date.

  9. Mr.Rehab says:

    These chickens look like Bart Simpson 🙂

  10. j says:

    Myspace basically empty

  11. Sam says:

    those were the days… everyone had myspace except me, then facebook came about, then I got myspace 🙁

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