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And on the subject of zombies, be sure to stop by next week for the second annual Savage Chickens Halloween Week! There’ll be Halloween cartoons every day until Halloween – including extra cartoons next weekend. And another Halloween contest, with more prizes this year!

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11 Responses to Epitaph

  1. Ultimo3000 says:

    Good one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Priceless, just priceless!! Mind if I use it myself when my time comes?

  3. Kennedy says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    But zombie chickens are light, slow and about the size of a football. You could just kick ’em over a fence when they come for you with their wings all stretched forward. That’s not scary… that’s entertainment!

  5. Lana says:

    HaHa! That is So funny. its so random and stupid. But thats what makes it funny!!

  6. teamwolfguard says:

    Mine was going to be a simple.

    “By the way, Look behind you.”

    As for the chicken zombie attack. Yeah, one is a walk but when you get 50 of the little buggers comming for you…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yay. Halloween chickens next week!!!

  8. Ada says:

    Yes! Perfect!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the word wasn’t originally “CHICKINGS” but it got shortened to “CHICKIN’s” by the southerners who raise them

    And sometimes I wonder if “STICKY NOTES” weren’t originally called “STINKY NOTES”, but let’s not go there, it makes the chickings nervous…

  10. North says:

    That reminds me of an article I read yesterday saying that zombies are better than vampires because theyre bioderadeable and 100% recyclable.

  11. Birdzilla says:

    A chickens horror story about the ghost of cornel suanders

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