Savage Chickens - Message In A Bottle

More pirate chickens to celebrate the upcoming TLAP Day:
NemesisText MessagingPirate PsychologyTalk Like A Pirate 2007

Bonus: Hey I recently created an animated music video featuring the chickens. I’ll be posting the video this Friday, but for now you can check out these pictures.

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6 Responses to Message In A Bottle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor Kevin I think he’s been lonely since Waterworld

    Can’t wait to see the video, Doug!

  2. Ev says:

    Paul Newman was the best part of that movie

  3. Seraphine says:

    I love the little chick
    on the Captain’s hat.

  4. Ms Hairy says:

    Ever since The Postman, he can’t get a date.

  5. FeelEnergy says:

    I think the little chick is actually a chicken skull…

  6. Jen says:

    Arrrr, I thought it was gonna be Sting!

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