Savage Chickens - Law and Mordor

A continuation of last year’s tribute to the great Jerry Orbach.

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6 Responses to Law and Mordor

  1. buttercupboxer says:

    Thanks Doug! I always get nostalgic when I see him on a rerun.

  2. Dinana says:

    Why do I think of Led Zeppelin when I read this???

  3. Nicokacola says:

    haha thats awesome love it!
    also love all the others!


  4. Rappybas says:

    I like this one x)
    LOTR 3 Is coming on TV soon in NL :O

    Don’t forget my site please:

  5. danielpauldavis says:

    I showed this to my oldest daughter (a big LOTR fan) while she was watching a L & O spin off. She, too, thought it was very funny (how else would you ID Sauron?)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! You are so funny!

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