Savage Chickens - Vegas

At least it isn’t Reno.

More Timmy Tofu.

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5 Responses to Vegas

  1. Luwano says:

    He obviously should have played Craps instead.

  2. geniusinmaine says:

    How can he use the slot machine with no arms?

  3. Chris says:

    @geniusinmaine: he probably just bangs his face on the electronic button. Unless it’s a really old slot machiene.

    What I am wondering is how he deposits the coins, or for that matter, where he keeps his change.

  4. Trog says:

    The lever is simply drawn toward him by the power of his sexual magnetism.

  5. Valerie (Kyriosity) says:

    I heard a somewhat different saying: “What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube.”

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