Savage Chickens - Election Day

Get out there and vote, Canadian readers, even if the choices aren’t all that interesting.

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14 Responses to Election Day

  1. Andrew says:

    But the Chicken Pirate Party isn’t running a candidate in my riding! Ah well, I’ll hit the polls regardless.

  2. Ben says:

    The same joke works if you replace Celine Dion with Ben Harper or Irving Layton.

  3. Trog says:

    Shatner should be running Canada.

  4. Seraphine says:

    then i’m gonna vote for avril.

  5. XUP says:

    Hey – do we mock your political leaders? Well, okay, yes we do… thanks for the mention and actually we have a lot of interesting choices; just not very many good ones.

  6. Doug says:

    I’m Canadian, XUP! So I’m actually just mocking my own political leaders 🙂

    Despite the cartoon, I actually love Canadian politics. I’ll be glued to the TV tonight watching the results!

  7. Babs says:

    Glued to the TV watching the Canadian election results? Yikes! That’s akin to watching paint dry!

  8. kristina says:

    Well I was just about to whine about how the first tag on this one is “boring”, but since you are Canadian, I’ll forgive you. Besides, it’s not boring – it’s mind-numbing…

  9. Scout says:

    Lloyd Robertson for Prime Minister!

  10. […] – Celine Dion as Prime Minister – my term will go onnnn and onnnnnnn! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The day I […]

  11. Luwano says:

    So now you know how Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected. Celebrities always sound like the better candidates.

    We don’t have this phenomenon in Germany.
    I mean, do you know Angela Merkel? She’s far away from being Celine Dion, isn’t she?

  12. Zork says:

    The sad thing is I bet Fox gets waaaay better voter turn-out for one episode of American Idol than we’ll even see in November…what’s that saying? “You get the Leadership you deserve?”

  13. Gette says:

    I love Savage Chickens!

  14. I voted. My local guy got in. I wish Harper had been ousted. 😛

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