Savage Chickens - Happiness

Dedicated to Ashley, who asked for more Happy Bear.

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13 Responses to Happiness

  1. Crucifire says:

    lol… this aint no laughing matter! Gimme RED… 😛

  2. Granny Annie says:

    So great! Happiness to start the week. Not being a clown lover, it does suit me.

  3. BarefootMedia says:

    Knowing happy Bear is out there makes it easier for me to sleep. Damn clowns, always throwing confetti from buckets and that horribly lurid make-up. Drink your fill, Happy Bear. Yes, drink your fill.

  4. Seraphine says:

    drinking the blood to gain the mojo of
    another being is a time-honored custom.

  5. Mo says:

    Oh Doug! I think this is one of my favorites (adding to a LONG list of favorite Savage Chicken cartoons!) ~ a classic.
    Thanks for the laughs,

  6. Chris says:

    More Antiques Roadshow!

  7. qmay says:

    Soooooo!!! Funny!!!LOL!!!

  8. Zork says:

    My daughter has a “Care Bear” and actually made me read her a “Care Bear” book the other night…another thing from the 80s that should STAY dead, IMO. I would rather drink blood, that’s for sure, than read it again. I don’t know how any graphic artist could actually sit down and illustrate such a book without vomiting copiously. I’m so glad you can speak for adults trapped in the kiddie hell, Doug!

  9. King Bob says:

    must have the t-shirt

  10. kegnum says:

    HA! Is that what Ashley asked for… or is it going to be a surprise! 😛

  11. rebelliousme says:

    Ha! I choked when i read this and sent it to my friend. She asked if i hit my head. oh well, some people will never understand happy bear

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