Savage Chickens - The 5 Styles of Parenting

More parenting.

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22 Responses to The 5 Styles of Parenting

  1. Dude from Germany says:

    Awesome, love the chickens expression in the last panel.

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. momz says:

    Then there is a blend of all five…psychoparenting…the most popular of all.

  3. Emma B says:

    Brilliant! Love that one!

  4. Erica Gieras says:

    wow I didn’t know there was a name for my style of parenting. Evil Cyborg has a nice ring to it 😛

  5. Leo Petr says:

    Crafty Pirate: Arr, this child be fetchin many gold dubloons on the buccaneer market.

  6. lindylu says:

    I tried all 5 styles of parenting. I prefer the wishy-washy style. But if you think I should try something else, I could, I guess. Whatever…

  7. Felicity says:

    I’d like to see more of that robot chicken!

  8. Luwano says:

    Yay, a robot chicken! Woohoo!

    I’m with Felicity.


  9. Seraphine says:

    mine was:
    go ahead honey.
    stick your finger
    in the light socket.

  10. Mark says:

    How did you come up with those other 4!

  11. Mo says:

    Doug – was having a grey day and you made me laugh. Thanks!

  12. Boston Al says:

    Love the Chicken Robot esp the crown, nice touch!

  13. Aud says:

    XDXDXDXD….!! You’ve done it again, Doug; kudos!

    No pun intended, Felicity(that is, if you’ve ever seen Adult Swim). 🙂

  14. Felicity says:

    Yes, I should have said “cyborg chicken” to avoid copyright infringement. I hope we see it again, regardless.

  15. victor says:

    should do a five styles of friendship

  16. Doug says:

    @Mark – this cartoon is based on a real theory of parenting styles by Diana Baumrind

  17. Mark says:

    Very cool to see where the spark of an idea came from. That would be interesting to see, some examples of how the ideas came to you, a la The PreHistory of The Far Side-10th Anniversary Exhibit, or you may have already done some things like that on here.

  18. Zork says:

    Uninvolved is cheapest, and ultimately less traumatic than the cyborg route…but I do like to show up for bedtime stories 🙂

  19. TChuck says:

    There are days when I would opt for #5. Teenagers, UGH!

  20. North says:

    I guess that would explain my dads claws

    on the bright side, I cant wait to become a parent now so I can get cyborg implants too!

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