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More Poet-Bot.

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27 Responses to Roses

  1. teli says:

    pure genius

  2. lisa says:

    Hex codes and chemical formulas are the stuff of roboluv.

  3. steve says:


    : )

  4. Aud says:

    HA~! I understand the color codes better than that formula (not a good thing..).

  5. scribu says:

    An instant classic! 😀

  6. Kelly says:

    That’s great!!!!! LOL!

  7. Trog says:

    This is too sweet. I need to go play me some Warhammer now. 😉

  8. Seraphine says:

    #666666 skies and
    #000000 lonely nights
    i’d feel #0000FF
    without you

  9. gnomebody says:

    i <3 poet-bot

  10. I second the words of gnomebody.

    This is now my favorite Poet-Bot. Ah, back in the days when I used HTML and I knew the hex codes for all of my favorite colors…

  11. Ax says:

    teli++, function{gnomebody};

    Doug! Ur back in #000000;!

  12. Capt. Obvious says:

    my chemistry is a little rusty–that’s sugar, right?

  13. Michael says:

    yes, it’s table sugar

  14. Metai says:

    Instant classic? Not so instant, as proven by the “geek valentine” t-shirt sold by ThinkGeek since 2005. Inspiration?

  15. Doug says:

    @Metai: No, I’ve never seen that shirt – it’s just a coincidence. I’ve seen it happen many times on the big ol’ internet!

    @Seraphine: Nice poem!

    @Ax: Nice AC/DC reference!

  16. Napolux says:

    Best nerd comic ever! 😛

  17. Raquel says:

    :)) Too Funny!!!

  18. Erik Wallace says:

    I laughed harder at that than maybe I should have… the hex codes really spoke to my inner web geek.

  19. LaurieLove says:

    This is so romantic. I wish I had a Poet-Bot of my own to love me unconditionally!

    Look me up!

  20. Bryan says:

    “and so are youf”

  21. becky says:

    shouldn’t it be C6H12O6?

  22. Steve says:

    @Becky – there are different types of sugar besides plain glucose. C12H22O11 is sucrose.

  23. Karl says:

    #FFA500 you glad you saw this cartoon?

  24. But wait until Pantone sues your @&&…

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