Savage Chickens - Teddy Bear

More bedtimes and hell.

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25 Responses to Teddy Bear

  1. Antonio says:

    Hey, that’s not fair! Devil chicken didn’t even do anything! Ted looks like he’s a bit too shotgun for me…

  2. Generic says:

    Yet another thing teddy bears can do that a night-light can’t.

    Also, just because I want to be annoying (the troll way) for a little while, first! 😛

  3. Sébastien says:

    Ha! I love this!

  4. liz says: it…

  5. Jeff says:

    That must be “Teddy” Roosevelt…CHARGE.

  6. Bear says:

    Good stuff. Well done, that chicken. Small bears (the fifth emergency service) salute you!

  7. Luwano says:

    Yay, Teddynator rules!


  8. Zork says:

    That is one bad-ass teddy bear–in the spirit of the original Teddy–as in Roosevelt!
    Love the cartoon-y bullet holes Doug.

  9. Seraphine says:

    my teddy bear turns against me.
    he’s a traitor.

  10. JB says:

    After this, the Devil will never be able to trust HIS teddy bear again. Good one, Doug.

  11. Bad ass teddy bears, we can always have more of it. 🙂

    Loved it, Doug.

  12. I just realized HOW MUCH the devil-chicken scares me.
    I’m gonna have nightmares about him now. Good thing I have my pink Christmas rat-plushie to shoot ’em up.

  13. sue says:

    Is that Happy Bear?

  14. Emerson says:

    Very good. It’s a good idea to escape of bad dreams.

  15. Noah says:

    So true. Although when I was a kid, it was Volton slicing dudes in half, not a teddy with a tommy.

  16. Noah says:

    Crap. I meant *Voltron*. No editing, I see. 😐

  17. vickiho says:

    super cute! lol

  18. teddy bear says:

    You found an great idea to escape from bad , terror dreams.

  19. Teddy says:

    Thanks for putting me in, Mr. Savage. If you’ll excuse me, Timmy needs me

  20. Christian says:

    This is by far my favorite one you’ve done about Hell. =)

  21. Ivan says:

    One of the best so far. .)

    You really made me laugh. .)

  22. Wildbird says:

    Wow a teddybear with a uzi whats next is a rubber ducky with a bazooka

  23. strawberry says:


  24. Wildbird says:


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