Savage Chickens - Halloween Contest 2009

It’s Halloween Week at Savage Chickens, so I’ll be running spooky cartoons all week – and it’s time for the annual contest!

Complete this cartoon and you could win Savage Chickens stuff:
– First prize: a t-shirt and a mug
– Second prize: a t-shirt
– Third prize: a mug

To enter, just tell me what the chicken is saying in the above cartoon. You can add your entry (or entries) to the comments here, or use my contact form. Winners will be announced on Halloween!

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648 Responses to Halloween Contest 2009

  1. Tye McQueen says:

    Why, yes, I /am/ the brains of this organization.

  2. Oh, THAT’S what happens when you hit Ctrl-Z!

  3. CHT says:

    br… brains?

  4. Kniget says:

    Eh, Intel inside!

  5. vlad says:

    Oops… Is this a Resident Evil comic?

  6. Jeff says:

    OH CRAP…I knew that milestone in neurology, the discovery of the brain, would lead to no good…

  7. Abdullah says:

    This Eyefinity S*#t is really awesome !

  8. Felix says:

    You don’t have to eat me, I just ordered you a dozend brains of the Internet.

  9. Andrew says:

    Damn it where’s PROD4000 when you need him?

  10. Nei Nei says:

    Why isn’t this Escape button working?

  11. Big Egg says:

    Hmm… It seems that a lot more mindless drones are at work today…

  12. Itzmidug says:

    Just let me finish blogging about how much this is going to suck..

  13. t3hWillingw3ll says:

    Okay, so according to WebMD, you guys either have The Flu or Scoliosis..

  14. Ron says:

    Is that all, or do you want me to order some topping for your “Brain Salad”?

  15. zeptimius says:

    Y’know… they say _digital_ braaaaiins are also very tasty!

  16. Nate says:

    So…putting up a picture of Laura Croft attracts zombie fanboys.

  17. steve says:

    Quick Doug, Draw me a shotgun!!!

  18. kalafudra says:

    …and that’s how you do your taxes online.

  19. liz says:

    errr..yes, i don’t have a tongue..

  20. dan says:

    you’ll find no brains here… i’m a graphic designer!

  21. Kyle says:

    “Don’t look at me. I’m stupid enough to work here.”

  22. Ax says:

    No, can’t find any on eBay. Can you think of a new keyword?

  23. Vlad says:

    I thought I told you guys…I don’t like dancing to ‘Thriller’.

  24. Ax says:

    Dang, was that b-r-a-i, or a-y? Help me out here.

  25. Kniget says:

    Just 140 characters – please?

  26. Ben says:

    One step closer and I’ll press alt f4!

  27. Iain says:

    Ok, ok, I won’t install Windows 7!

  28. Sandy B says:

    If I press ‘delete zombies’… you’ll all go away, right?

  29. Sandy B says:

    Time to change my literary diet…too many horror stories

  30. Karin says:

    I liked the board with the rusty nail better, boss!

  31. kal says:

    “after i’m a zombie, we can all be facebook friends!”

    “hey, if you guys let me go, i’ll call all my facebook friends over for a dinner party”

    “i think i have time for one last facebook update!”

    “i don’t wanna be a zombie! goddamnit… why not a vampire or a werechicken or something…”

    “my momma told me working for the man would kill me one day…”

    “umm guys? hey i’m one of you. see? BRAAAINNNZZZ… heh fooled you with a little make-up didn’t i… guys? nnOOOAAAARRRGGGHHHh”

  32. Andi says:

    Boss will never believe me…

  33. Daniel says:

    you know… let me just tweet my status …”about to be eaten”

  34. brian t says:

    “You don’t want my old brain, you want this overclocked quad core silicon. It’s future-proof!”

  35. skitty says:

    Oh wow, a surprise Halloween party! …Right?

  36. Antonio says:

    “Guys, sorry, I’m the only one who’s got the brains to do this job…”


  37. Kimberly Dufresne says:

    I KNEW this job would turn me into a mindless office drone…There goes my day!!

  38. Robert Williams says:

    “…would like to meet attractive lady chicken, GSOH and own brains?”

  39. Fränz says:

    To late folks I just sold it on eBay!

  40. Daniel says:

    ok, ok don’t push i’m uploading the cartoon… done!…. now.. who is paying for the prizes?

  41. Fränz says:

    Fatal error occurred… ???

    Oh I see!

  42. Arlene Kelly says:

    “I think I’m about to lose my mind!”

  43. AndyF says:

    No, really, they _are_ all my friends!

  44. Hidden says:

    Relax guys, this game is no brainer…

  45. Joe Anka says:

    Sorry no brains here – i’m using Vista

  46. Joe Anka says:

    What? You want to see I Am Legend again?

  47. Markyn Kho says:

    I thought I already added you guys on Facebook!

  48. Tamz says:

    Just give me two minutes guys. This download of Zombieland is almost finished.

  49. Rhea Banerjee says:

    Aw, crap.. You turn up at my office too? Sorry guys, I have a strict policy of not mixing my business with your.. um.. pleasure.

  50. Nathan Hockridge says:

    Just another day at work

  51. Nathan Hockridge says:

    Time for the meeting already!

  52. Nathan Hockridge says:

    Geez that’s the fifth time this week

  53. Nathan Hockridge says:

    Umm, can I help you?

  54. Paul says:

    “I really don’t look forward to Mondays!!!”

  55. Nathan Hockridge says:

    Can’t you see I’m trying to work here

  56. Shae says:

    Can I just open twitter before you start?

  57. Rhea Banerjee says:

    Damn! I knew I should have ordered Freud’s brain from eBay sooner!

  58. Kim says:

    import zombie

  59. Svetlin says:

    Seriously, guys! I’m pretty sure it’s malignant!

  60. geekglue says:

    Cluck all you like but chickens don’t tweet!

  61. Kim says:

    I thought picturing you as zombies would help me through a boring workday, but I’m not too sure anymore…

  62. Daniel says:

    I don’t care if you are a zombie, the project is still due.

  63. Terri DC says:

    For what it’s worth, I think the first suggestion deserves three t-shirts and a whole set of mugs. Nice one Tye. 🙂

  64. jtk says:

    “ohh look the familys all here.” (hope i win 🙂

  65. Kim says:

    Sorry guys, work made me brain-dead, but maybe the manager has some left.

  66. GratchSabbat says:

    Hit ‘Any’ key to cancel? Where’s the ANY KEY????? CANCEL!!! CANCEL!!!

  67. Marius G says:

    “I think i solved your quest! It says here that the ekpyrotic theory hypothesizes that the origin of the observable universe occurred when two parallel branes collided.”

  68. Carmen says:

    “I really believe that political commissars should not have permission to bring election propaganda to the office”

  69. Marius G says:

    “Hey guys, I appreciate that you want to take me for lunch, but I’m busy.”

  70. Thea says:

    Another budget meeting, guys?

  71. Shane says:

    I don’t have any brains, I’m the CEO!

  72. Dennis Negron says:

    I’ve been watching “Thriller” too many times!

  73. Adrian says:

    Umm… i think i’ll google “brain porn” and make a run for it

  74. Simon says:

    I’m typing “” as fast as I can…

  75. Rui Archer says:

    “Humm… can i find some brains on ebay?”

  76. Joost says:

    uh… Spleen, kidneys, liver… no?

  77. John D says:

    It’s easy, goto and type B.R.A.I.N.S

  78. Lorelei says:

    I wonder how long it will take for the hawk costume to arrive once I hit SUBMIT?

  79. Adam G says:

    You can make twice as much if you sell them on ebrains instead of just eating them all the time!

  80. John D says:

    “Likes long walks on the beach, sad movies and brains” How’s that sound ?

  81. Ionescu Mihai Radu says:

    “Sooo… Who’s up for Chinese?”

  82. JohnB says:

    Sure, the one that I DON’T forward to 10 friends turns out to be real…

  83. Jen says:

    “Hey! I ordered a room of HOTTIES, not ZOMBIES!”

  84. TAMMY says:

    What did you guys do? This sayes your all FIRED!

  85. JohnB says:

    Come on, where’s that patch for the “Zombie Virus”?

  86. JohnB says:

    That’s funny, it sounded like you said you want to “have me” for lunch…

  87. Rebecca says:

    “Did I forget that today’s dress like a zombie day””Oh crap!”

  88. Alex says:

    So… a six-pack of gray goo, an extra large box’o’brains, and a cabbage for Stieve – did I miss anything?

  89. duayt says:

    their brains grow bigger with every keystroke

  90. keeheon Nam says:

    Uh… Hey guys? What cha doing here?

  91. Joe Cosper says:

    No problem…I’ll just hit the ESCAPE KEY!

  92. Ron Gillmore says:

    And here’s the Google map route to Carl Rove’s House!

  93. Andrew Bender says:

    I don’t get paid enough.

  94. Christopher says:

    Boss, the consultants are hungry again.

  95. garf says:

    Too late, guys. The Internet already ate my brains!

  96. Kay Jakabs says:

    Twitter: The undocumented, life impaired fowls are about to eat my brains!

  97. Elizabeth says:

    I know, I can’t believe brains are Out of Stock either!

  98. Helder says:

    damn.. twitter sucks

  99. Travis says:

    “Wow! really WORKS!”

  100. kchau says:

    “I told you guys not to watch ‘Two Hens, One Coop’…”

  101. Maria says:

    And when I press this button, it turns the rest of the office into zombies!

  102. ErethAkbe says:

    Oh Crap! I was going as Zombie!

  103. Travis says:

    OK, guys, hold up. I’ll be RIGHT with ya. (Google: find shotgun)

  104. StKev says:


  105. Gretchen says:

    I know…. I know…. you want brains right? Look, maybe the marketing people can help you with a new catch phrase!

  106. Joe Cosper says:

    Sorry guys. No brains here. I’m just a mindless minion who works in a cubicle.

  107. Joe Cosper says:

    O.K. who disabled my zombie pop-up blocker?

  108. cursed says:

    The Facebook quiz said I’d survive the zombie invasion!

  109. John says:

    If I start watching YouTube, maybe they will think I have no brains.

  110. Don says:

    You’re all awfully enthusiastic for a Monday morning…

  111. Steve Daniels says:

    “Let’s watch the ZOMBIELAND trailer one more time!”

  112. Bill says:

    Let me guess… its my turn to make the coffee?

  113. Noel Kelly says:

    this is the link to the Zombie Chicken area of the iMatch-maker page

  114. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    All right, all right, it’s your turn, you can use it.

  115. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    Um… Little privacy, here?

  116. Alex says:

    Yes, I know that the TPS reports need cover sheets.

  117. Scott Parker says:

    I am Windows 7. I am here to save the day!

  118. Tigerlily says:

    I KNOW you’re hungry! Look, the IT guy will be here soon and then you can have brains, ok?

  119. Bryan Proksch says:

    Oh Great, another mindless Blog.

  120. ed says:

    Really, If I had brains, would I be here? My boss will confirm that if you need.

  121. Chris J says:

    This LAN party is dead.

  122. James Kubecki says:

    I’ve TOLD you guys, I CAN’T switch to a Mac… I’ve got REAL WORK to do!

  123. Steve says:

    Is it casual Friday already?


    Wow, the one time I look for cricket bats online…

  124. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    I don’t think eBay sells that kind of stuff, guys.

  125. domesticated chicken says: just notified me that you’ve been placed on backorder but they should be shipped by 10/30/2009

    ‘when zombies order online’

  126. Micha says:

    Welcome to the office. Where the zombies are born.

  127. Melanie says:

    I said I would have the budget figures by the end of the day!

  128. Ken says:

    chicken without sound turned on

  129. Mark says:

    Can we search for something other than nude brains now? It’s starting to make me hungry, too.

  130. André says:

    For the last time, which one of you ate the B, R, A, I, N and S key?

  131. Chris J says:

    This is why I like working from home.

  132. Amy K. says:

    Sheesh! It was just an internet search on the Bird Flu!!

  133. Robyn says:

    Save yourselves! Mind-numbing work is the ONLY defense! ! !

  134. Katelyn says:

    Oh, did I forget to fill the coffee pot again?

  135. Vladi says:

    i think the chicken would say : ugh…uhm…

  136. Sil says:

    Oh, sorry, guys, I have no brain, I just play videogames all day long.

  137. Scott says:

    F1 for crowbar, or F3 for shotgun?

  138. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    All right, all right, I’ll follow you on Twitter.

  139. Michiel says:

    I think I’ll skip lunch today

  140. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    Brains? Have you tried googling it?

  141. Sam says:

    This is why I never trust e-mails about free cake in the breakroom…

  142. Matt says:

    Sorry guys,
    I do not see any videos for Brains, Trains, and Automobiles.

  143. Stefan Andersen says:

    Yes, I get it – you all have Sprains. Now – please have a seat, then the Doctor will see you in a moment!

    (Hint: Say the Zombie motto RLY fast 10 times)

  144. Jen says:

    I always suspected middle management shared a brain… I never guessed they were planning on eating it!!

  145. Matt says:

    I told you that you would go crazy if you saw 2zombies1skull.

  146. Kevin says:

    Windows 7 has no Braiiiins….

  147. Matt says:

    Hey. Stop me if you have heard this… “How many zombies does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

  148. Mister Pants says:

    Brains? Sorry, you’ve got the wrong department. This is marketing…

  149. Chris says:

    Ebay seller: Doug Savage
    Comments: Ordered: Six-pack of Zombie Action Figures.
    Received: Six-pack of Actual Zombies.
    Would not buy from again.

  150. Geoff says:

    Google says brains are high in calories; you should try brocolli instead.

  151. Doug says:

    You guys are the experts…Help me with my profile.

  152. Sebastian says:

    Sorry guys, my job ate my brain a long time ago.

  153. Ruisin says:

    Seriously, I need an antivirus.

  154. Matt says:

    Ahh… so THAT’S what the “End” button does.

  155. Tim Canny says:


    *(Be Right Back From The Dead)

  156. Heather says:

    Uh, you don’t need brains to work here.

  157. Dale says:

    It’s either Halloween or the corporate heads are touring again.

    – or –

    It’s just another Monday around here.

  158. john says:

    Would you like to see my drawrings?

  159. Chris says:

    See how much easier hunting for brains can be just by using Google?

  160. Rohan Hotchkin says:

    Don’t tell me you don’t look up chicks on the internet!

  161. Craig says:

    See even Wikipedia says you guys shouldn’t be eating brains!

  162. Nancy says:

    What? Do I have something on my face?

  163. Valérie G. says:

    I knew installing this new video game was a bad idea…

  164. Brian says:

    CRAP! I fell asleep at the desk at the WRONG time.

  165. Brenda says:

    Monday mornings are killing me!

  166. Carter says:

    Sorry, guys, I’m going to have to miss the marketing meeting this morning. Totally swamped.

  167. Brett says:

    I thought that potato salad from the pot luck looked odd…

  168. Sparky says:

    “Trust me, you guys want my boss’s brain, he’s across the hall.”

  169. Taraeire says:

    Another round of Layoffs?

  170. Sylv says:

    Note to self: do not hit ‘Reply All’ to zombie lunch invites…

  171. Ben E says:

    Technological Empathy:

    “WAIT! Computers have brains too”

  172. Jim says:

    I hate working here, you can never tell if it’s the Zombie Apocalypse or just Monday.

  173. Listoric says:

    “Hey, we said 20 minutes no rush!”

  174. Listoric says:

    Go away, I’m undercover!

  175. Chuck says:

    “Yes, I think I remember not forwarding that chain letter. Why?”


    “I assume you guys are here about the zombie movie I illegally downloaded.”


    “Woah! Hey guys. Uh, it’s not what it looks like.” with the caption: Gary mistakenly believed the zombie massacre left him free to view porn.


    “I assume when I hit un-delete, it somehow created you guys.” with caption: Twilight Zone in the 21st century.


    “But before you eat my brain, let me show you something really cool.” with caption: Knowing the one way to break the curse, Steve prepared to Rick-Roll the zombies.

  176. Brenda says:

    I should really cut down my drinking on a work night.

  177. treewhisperer says:

    Pay attention when I show the moves to the thriller-dance one last time. Organizing a flash-mob is hard…

  178. ramonathepest says:

    C’mon guys, it was just a youtube video.

  179. Jim says:

    I just love this online ordering for takeout. Bill, now you wanted extra crispy brains, and Ted, the inferno brains….

  180. Joshua Barber says:

    Hey guys, I was thinking, does anyone know how to…. oh. Nevermind!

  181. Joshua Barber says:

    Anyone else feel like eating out for lunch?

  182. versae says:

    I should never have mentioned anything about my PhD in Quantum Physics on Facebook.

  183. Mickel says:

    Sorry, zombie porn is blocked at work guys.

  184. Derek says:

    I’m selling! I’m selling!

  185. JeffreyS says:

    Who called this meeting?

  186. Helder says:

    Ok guys, now can I go to the toilet ALONE?

  187. Jen says:

    Man, I hate sharing the cubicle with a mouth-breather.

  188. Carl says:

    Ctrl-Alt-Delete! Ctrl-Alt-Delete!

  189. Derek says:

    I HATE food days!

  190. Carl says:

    Windows 7 unboxing party (Halloween version): Comes with a ZSOD.

  191. Nick J Boragina says:

    You guys from marketing?

  192. Kearn says:

    Oh, is it time for the Windows 7 release party already?

  193. Morbo says:

    “Ahh guys, in China this is called an electronic brain, let me just go put the coffee on…”

  194. Marco says:

    Sorry I told you guys, no for you unless you are over 18

  195. Janelle says:

    I know our customer service logo is “Whatever it takes to keep our customer happy!”… but I don’t think “brains” fall into that catagory…

  196. Mark Te Tai says:

    The temp agency DID say anyone with a brain would do…

  197. Nick J Boragina says:

    Are you guys…
    You guys all from…
    You guys here from…
    …The Marketing Department…

  198. Sally says:

    Facebook status update: chickenfab is currently being attacked by zombies. Send help!

  199. Saurio says:

    Don’t eat me! Electronic brains give you more energy!

  200. Jordan says:

    Call off the zombies, HAL… HAL, do you hear me?

  201. Fernando says:

    Hey guys, I think I just got outbidded on that brains value pack…

  202. Saurio says:

    Don’t eat mine! Electronic brains give you more energy!

  203. mike says:

    Beta testing Windows 7.. Sorry, no brains here.

  204. mike says:

    esc.. ESC!!

  205. Phill says:

    OK! OK! I’m Googling “Brains”!

  206. PTTG says:

    Ha! at McQueen.

    How about:

    “… and then you press enter and it takes you to”

  207. Nick says:

    This is the highlight of my career.

  208. Kniget says:

    Sorry, just auctioned my brains on eBay.

  209. Listoric says:

    Has anyone seen my mouse?

  210. gruhn says:

    You’re a zombie, he’s a zombie, she’s a zombie they’re a zombie, wouldn’t you like to be a zombie too?

  211. Metz says:

    “Great costumes guys!… Guys?”

  212. Listoric says:

    I think I have to twitter this.

  213. Listoric says:

    Weird, just like on my last LAN party…

  214. Listoric says:

    Time to play chicken!

  215. Kari says:

    “This escape button is useless!”

  216. Coki says:

    “Looking for brains”. I think it’s time for you to learn to tweet.

  217. The Steve says:

    Look, don’t tell my boss I’m not working, OK?


    Have you got me my coffee yet?

  218. The Steve says:

    *Slight alteration to the above*

    I thought you were getting my coffee?

  219. siliconchef says:

    “Sorry, no brains here … I’m management …”

  220. lain says:

    does the text have to be halloween related?

  221. Barrett says:

    Whoa fellas!! Yes I’m at a computer, but it doesn’t mean I have brains. It’s just Twitter.

  222. ruben says:

    Ok, ok! Who will be the first one using

  223. Mary Downs says:

    “As CEO of this company, I can assure you there are no brains here.”

  224. Eitan says:

    You guys need to look away while I enter my password.


    Look, my latest Wikipedia entry: “Night of the Living Dead 2009”.


    Strange, no one else posted anything on Facebook about zombies. Refresh!

  225. Victor says:

    there’s two options you could use…

    okay.. let me see… where did I bookmarked that page about killing zombies?

    I knew this bookmark on how to kill a zombie would come in handy some day!


  226. Justin says:

    Please tell me one of you knows Vista.

  227. Justin says:

    Uhm Mom, I’m gonna have to Skype you back a little later. Lunch meeting.

  228. Jimmy Wilder says:

    I gotta remember the Necronomicon’s website is not a work site!

  229. Justin says:

    Uhm, I didn’t call IT.

  230. josh says:

    for the last time, there are NO brains on the internet!

  231. Wes says:

    I knew that this Mensa convention was a front.

  232. Eddie_666 says:

    ‘No brains, but may I suggest some pizza?’

  233. John says:

    I’m feeling a little chicken.

  234. “…So, as you can see, this process that has finished executing, but still has an entry in the process table, is what is called a ‘zombie process’. Any questions?”

  235. spidey says:

    There is no spoon.

  236. Jared says:

    “Wait! Before you eat my brains, let me update my Facebook status.”

  237. Courtney says:

    *#@! it’s Monday isn’t it.

  238. Eric says:


  239. MR T says:

    Fighting zombies! Should have taken the day off!! Drinks later?
    11:29 AM Oct 28th from TwitterGadget

  240. Seraphine says:

    the costume place just twittered.
    they ran out of halloween obama masks.
    we have a choice between madonna or the bubble boy.

  241. Simon says:

    “Hey guys, check out this ‘site! You can order all the brains you can eat for just fifty bucks!”

    Of course, he’s thinking “get me outta here…”


    “No, no, don’t go to my boss after me! You think you can get brains there? …actually, maybe you should just go to another building after me…”

  242. Oh crap, how do I write a tweet about THIS?

  243. Luwano says:

    Ya, I said “Follow me”…. ON TWITTER


    Something is different about you guys…. you’re kinda vibrant today.

  244. Carlos says:

    My computer has gone zombie. It wants real brains…

  245. demarcro says:

    Awesome! My package from is here!

  246. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    It’s not like I’m looking at these pictures for their brains, y’know.

  247. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    Nope. Another fake. Turns out you really can’t get real human brains in eBay.

  248. Becky says:

    Oh No! This #/!@ website plays “Thriller”!

  249. Allen Duffy says:

    “CTRL Z”

  250. Allen Duffy says:

    “CTRL Z = Zombies?”

  251. Missy says:

    Sorry, Decaf is all we had left!

  252. Doug says:

    “Hey, if i had any brains, would i be working here?”

  253. Marianne Follis says:

    Execute! Execute! Execute!
    Damn these sticky keys!

  254. Stacey says:

    No, brains are not listed as a pizza topping

  255. brian says:


  256. Douglas Troy says:

    Virus scanner … not … working … must … scan for … zombie attack …

  257. Stacey says:

    “What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?”

  258. Stacey says:

    Are you a Mac or a PC?

  259. Ben says:

    Finally… Some people who can relate to working in this office all day!

  260. Saurio says:

    … and here I have ELP’s album “Brain Salad Surgery” in FLAC…

  261. Tim says:

    “Oh, so this is why I should never have put my home address on Facebook…”

  262. caite says:

    Does anyone remember the Anti-Zombie key combo??

  263. Ashley S. says:

    Dammit, why am I picturing you all naked?

  264. Mike F says:

    I know, Even I cant believe Miley Cyrus got rid of her twitter…

  265. Keith says:

    Oh crap! I just hit instead of … and with these @&#^! wings I can’t hit ! Damn you, Micro$oft!

  266. Keith says:

    Um, let me try that again: “Oh crap! I just hit ENTER instead of DELETE… and with these @&#*! wings I can’t hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE! Damn you, Micro$oft!

  267. Ashley CS says:

    Somebody sure has a case of the Mondays.

  268. Pedro Ivo says:

    So guys, this is all I have about brains porn.

  269. John B says:

    You guys have to wait your turn to play World of Warcraft.


    I know I said I wanted to join the Horde on WoW, but I didn’t think they’d take it this seriously!

  270. Nimmenemaal says:

    What? I was just looking for pictures for my neurology essay, I swear!

  271. Mark says:

    ZOMBIES! Thank God, I thought I was going to have to work this morning!


    Rita…hold my calls and tell Mr. Harper that I’ll review his projections tomorrow, I’ve got zombies.


    Zombeeeeeez….makin’ copeeeez…the Zombulators!!!!


  272. Kristina A says:

    She shook off how many feathers?!?! FOR WHO?!!?!

  273. numen says:

    Note to self: tell the Marketing Dept there’s already way too much brainwashed guys.

  274. Mark says:

    Ok, who keeps putting my stapler in jello?


    I’m going to have to let you guys go…it’s the economy…and also the brain eating thing.


    I was going to put you guys on layoff because of the economy…but I’ve decided to blow all your heads off with a shotgun.

  275. Mrs.Raj says:

    Hey Guys ! abc offered wife swap for Halloween

  276. Dinana says:

    You marketing guys really need to cut back on the coffee!

  277. Dinana says:

    I know you marketing guys need brains, but really, this is going to the extreme!

    (HAPPY 16TH Birthday Aubrey!)

  278. Mrs.Raj says:

    Sale Sale sale Hmm…Sure three times the word can make zombies.

  279. Mark says:

    I told that Temp Agency…NO ZOMBIES!!!


    In your hee-aaad…in your hee-ee-ee-aaaadd…


    …and then Jim and Pam got married…and she is pregnant…don’t you guys have tv’s?


  280. Marcia says:

    ok, I’m restoring the connection, don’t know what’s all the fuzz about…

  281. Nimmenemaal says:

    Apparently they don’t offer brains as a topping. What about chicken livers?

  282. jtk says:

    ohh look childern geting ready for hollowen

  283. Helder says:

    why can’t I have normal stalkers?!

  284. Dinana says:

    Really guys, this stuff is a no brainer…

  285. Barry says:

    I kow, I learned everythig I need to know by killing smart people and eating their brains, but Steven Hawking in doing a book signing next door. Try him!

  286. Barry says:

    Not now! We have to design the product before you can market it.

  287. Barry says:

    Really? I thought the primaries were in May?

  288. ccffe says:

    /Sure, I will try it. Argh, sounds like fun./


  289. carlos says:

    Whose hungry? I am ordering lunch!

  290. Kimberly says:

    Im sorry I don’t speak Freaky Decky chicken!

  291. Diane says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have posted that ad for ‘drop dead hot chick’ on Craigslist!

  292. Kimberly says:

    Why? Why is it always me!

  293. Kimberly says:

    Wheres my zombie fighting outfit? oh shoot its at the cleaners!

  294. Kimberly says:


  295. Diane says:


    I knew I shouldn’t have posted that ad for dead sexy chick on Craigslist!

  296. Texas says:

    “Iam King of the laptop. Just one quick click of the DELETE key and all you chickens disappear.”

  297. fluffy says:

    I thought zombie chickens would just eat graaaaaaaiiiinnnnns.

  298. Tim Canny says:

    Finally I’m appreciated for my brains around here!

  299. charybdis4000 says:

    “This 3D zombie movie really puts you into the story!”

  300. Karly says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have told my boss I was the brains behind this operation.

  301. Munjaros says:

    There’s no way I’m giving you my password! It’s locked away safely in my brain.

  302. Saudbert says:

    “Oh no! Another surpise ISO 9000 audit.”

  303. Clay Colt says:

    oh…my…gawd! It says here that everyone on Facebook,M and Twitter are permanently archived by the National Securitry Adninistration, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Imagine all that vin, inane and insane chatter being saved and read at taxpayers’ expense!? Only in America! …oh and a few other less-than-free unsavory places.

  304. Tina says:

    You guys already wore those costumes last week.

  305. Can I offer you guys some memory chips? They’re crunchy!

  306. You people have a strange way of requesting PC upgrades…

  307. Coki says:

    I’m a telermarketer, I have nothing for you.


    So you say Megan Fox has a blog?

  308. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    It says right here! “Hunger for flesh.” I told you guys it wasn’t chicken pox!

  309. Joe Cosper says:


  310. CeCe says:

    Brains? You can have it, but I warn you now, it’s rotten from years of office work.

  311. Peter says:

    “Ahh… guys, you must know that I got vaccinated against swine flu!”

  312. Joe Cosper says:

    You guys got caught in another one of Stan’s long stories again didn’t you?

  313. Well, if that was true I think I’d be able to think of something clever for this caption contest.

  314. Tyler says:

    “They’re going to be really disappointed in about 5 minutes…”

  315. Joe Cosper says:

    Swine flu?

  316. David Gee says:

    “It’s just an i-Phone!”

  317. Linda says:

    You’ve confirmed my suspicion that I am the only one with brains around here.

  318. Scott says:

    Let’s try it again. When you answer say “Tech support, how may I help you?”, not “BRAINSSSS…”

  319. Danene Peterson says:

    Okay guys, that was the Thriller video — let’s start practicing!

  320. Carey says:

    Hey! Who let the IT guys out of the basement?

  321. sal says:

    re-do from the entry form — Zombie Surprise Party (thought bubble – “what do you mean my brain is a gift?”)

  322. Tigerlilly says:

    Typical Monday. Coffee run, anyone?

  323. How many times? I don’t want to “start biting chumps”

  324. Tigerlilly says:


    Seriously, you can’t have it yet! We already blew the budget on Vista.

  325. David Rothmeier says:

    H1Z1: Zombie Flu … it is real

  326. David Rothmeier says:

    “Oh, you know you like it!”

  327. David Rothmeier says:

    anyone got a smint?

  328. David Rothmeier says:

    Red Rover, Red Rover …

  329. Joe Cosper says:

    Great! Glad you’re all here. Now I can get started with my internet recipe for zombie chicken pot pie!

  330. Joe Cosper says:

    I’ve always said that our office doesn’t have enough hotties

  331. Tomita says:

    Could someone here please lend me a mousepad?

  332. asm b. says:

    WAIT…I have to twitter this.

    Updated Facebook status: Zombie

  333. Callie says:

    With online shipping of your favorite beauty products, embarrassing trips to the store vanish.

  334. ken says:

    “Sorry, my e-vite said non-living dead only”

  335. ken says:

    “Who let you out of the cage?!”

  336. “Don’t Panic! Quick! What would Chuck Norris do?”

  337. ropeladder says:

    Probably I should say something clever now.

  338. mickey hennigan says:

    We can’t all go as zombies!

  339. Yvonne says:

    “So this is how their planning to make us like the new windows system, a little heavy handed maybe.”

  340. Furie says:

    Oh no! My Twitter followers have found me. #zombieapocalypse #brains #followfriday

  341. Fabio says:

    Sure there is porn about brains! there is porn about everything!

  342. Furie says:

    Wow! Left 4 Dead 2’s graphics are so realistic!

  343. Furie says:

    If I’d known Colonel Sanders was into voodoo I’d never have sent that threatening e-mail.

  344. Furie says:

    Speech Bubble – Send more computers ASAP!
    Caption – The World Of Warcraft convention was off to a bad start

  345. Jazzy says:

    I have GOT to get off of acid!

  346. Mark says:

    Can I please have 5 seconds without the f%@ing moaning???


    I was thinking of laying you guys off because of the economy, but I’ve decided to blow your heads off with a shotgun instead.


    Ok, before I blow your heads off with a shotgun…let me show you why your itunes is eating up all the comany’s server space.


    Yes, I will blow your heads off with a shotgun, just give me a minute to finish Machinarium.


    I was thinking of making some salary cuts…but I have decided to blow your heads off with a shotgun instead.

    I kind of like the “blow your heads off with a shotgun” line 🙂

  347. Raquel says:

    “Wait a minute fella’s… it looks like they’re selling brains on e-bay.”

    (all in a brittish accent of course… I think I may have watched too much Monty Python last week.)

  348. Sarah says:


    “So this is what happens when chickens get swine flu….”


  349. cecil says:

    ” i always know that i’m the brainiest here…”

  350. miss liss says:

    “Yep, this job is definitely sucking the life out of me.”

  351. miss liss says:

    OR . . .

    HEADING: how to trick a zombie OR no brains here

    CAPTION: “bucock, bucock”

  352. Mike T says:

    Guys, I really appreaciate your “deadication” and all, I just don´t feel like group hugs today.

  353. Rob says:

    So THIS is what happens when you switch
    out the coffee to decaf.

  354. Laura says:

    And then the little gremlins that spawn inside of here nest in the copy machine

  355. Billie says:

    I know it seems pretty smart, but it’s just Windows 7.

  356. Jessica says:

    No brains here! This is the IT department.

  357. Sharon Lawler says:

    Access denied!!

  358. Dan says:

    Guys…guys…your gonna see the dinosaurs soon! Come on hurry up and load danm it!

  359. Joshua Barber says:

    So… mint anyone?

  360. Joshua Barber says:

    Did Timmy set you guys up to this?

  361. Kyran says:

    Sorry, Stan. Dave’s right. You guys are a plague of zombies not a herd.

  362. Kyran says:

    You know, it’s hard for me to concentrate with you guys breathing down my neck.

  363. Ian C says:

    Man, our temp agency is really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

  364. Ian C says:

    Thought of another few:

    “I’m glad I didn’t go to the holiday party this year – you guys look like hell!”


    “Dude. Gum. Seriously.”

  365. Joram says:

    Why do I have the feeling I’ll be the only one to contribute to the brainstorming session?

  366. Joram says:

    Sorry to disappoint you guys, but this contest is really a no-brainer…

  367. Troy H says:

    Did I miss a email?


    I couldn’t convince you guys that I’m managment?

  368. Rupert says:

    Brains? No, I’m middle management.

  369. Tammy Barker says:

    Brains? Sorry, only the Buyers are available.

  370. Peter N says:

    Okay! Okay! We’ll have a week of zombie comics…

    Seriously! I only run over the prostitutes!

    I hate Mondays. Everyone wants to talk about their weekend.

    Fine, I’ll drop what I’m doing and get the milk.

    I bet Hugh Hefner never had to put up with this.

    Is this about my choice of restaurant for Christmas in July?

    Honestly, according to IMDB, Dawn of the Dead turned 30 _last_ year.

    You do one person a favour in this office and soon everyone wants you to do their job.

    Halloween sure isn’t what it used to be.

    It’s amazing how when the _CEO_ wants something, people suddenly spring into life.

    There sure is a difference between the people who appear in cola ads, and the people who drink it.

    This workplace monitoring is getting out of hand.

    Honestly, I was googling brains, not working!

    Is it office baseball season again?

    Yes, the merger has brought some new blood to the organisation.

    With iCafé you can order a serve of brains at the touch of a key.

    I wish we’d rethink this in-house recruiting policy.

    I see the new graduates have arrived.

    What? The auditors are here already!

    I new a 4 o’clock Friday meeting was a bad idea.

    Now, now. Too many cooks spoil the brains.

    Wow! The First Aid Officers sure are responsive here.

  371. Anonymous Coward says:

    “OK, hand-tossed, no onions, double brains, and a side salad. The site says the pizza will be here in thir- any time now. Hey, that’s the door!”

  372. Lizzie says:

    It was only scary the FIRST time you came back from the eye doctor.

  373. SirClucker says:

    look, i told you guys i’m a dentist, i can’t help you with brains.

  374. SirClucker says:

    I told you guys I’m upgrading to Windows 7, no brains about it!

    sorry guys, they deleted “Two Girls, One Brain”

    sorry guys, “ILoveLivers” is taken, what else should I try?

  375. Tammy Barker says:

    We’re all out of brains. Would you like to see Purchasing?

  376. Tammy Barker says:

    Sorry…We only see sales reps on Tuesdays!

  377. Tammy Barker says:

    No! We aren’t actually lOOKING for Savage Chickens…!!

  378. Tom K says:

    LOOK! A fruit explosion!

  379. Joshua Barber says:

    I know I know, I should upgrade to a LCD but I can’t MOVE the CRT…

  380. Heather says:

    It’s my Twitter Fans!

  381. Heifer says:

    I knew I should have called in sick today!

  382. Heather says:

    You must be the new interns.

  383. Christine Baue says:

    Hunt and Peck (figure of speech):
    1. A typing style
    2. A feeding style
    3. A chicken zombie directive

  384. Heather says:

    This temp agency sucks!

  385. Levi says:

    Hey guys, can you give me some space? I’m trying to figure out what my facebook status should be!

  386. Jim says:

    Now watch, if I slowly drag the video bar to the left, the egg goes back in!

  387. steve says:

    lol, it’s gonna take you some time to get through this Doug

    and why are these suggestions better than mine!

    : )

  388. steve says:

    Sorry guys, you can’t do a cover of Sir Mix-a-lot’s ‘I like big Brains!’

    : )

  389. steve says:

    come on guys, i’m not playing Keyboard Cat all day!

  390. Vlad says:

    you guys from marketing always make me nervous

  391. cecil says:

    “one step closer and i’ll press the…um…self destruct button!!”

    “………okay, i’m tweeting this right now.”

  392. casper says:

    Good thing I never take my brains to work …

  393. Dominic says:

    “Sorry guys, after doing this job for years, I’m more of a zombie than any of you.”

    “May I suggest the Marketing department?”

    “Another zombie outbreak? What are those guys in R&D up to this time?”

  394. Harmony says:

    “Ah crap, I knew those cod liver oil pills were a bad idea!”

  395. Marisa Rosa says:

    Guys, I’ve told you 100 times that “plants vs zombies” is a one-person game!

  396. Peter says:

    Why didn’t I get any information about the masquerade?

    I knew that this job was destroying my creativity but I didn’t think it could damage my brain.

  397. (jabbing at the keyboard)

    ESC! ESC!

  398. Silviu says:

    Yeah… I hate Mondays too!

  399. Peter says:

    I have already told you guys, I am not going to join the union!

    Time to flee reality, time to kill some zombies in Resident Evil.

  400. Carmen says:

    I guess all Michael Jackson’s fans are going to wear zombi costumes this year…

  401. RogerR says:

    “Drains? What’s wrong with the drains? Oh – you mean b…”

  402. Roger R says:

    “This isn’t what I thought a Brains Trust was”

  403. Ax says:

    First the Fruit of the Loom guys, now this?


    I’m a Mormon. Stock the coffee yourself!


    Yeah, I’m running Linux. Why?

  404. Rhea Banerjee says:

    Sorry, guys, I’m H1N1 positive. Besides, I thought the doctor told you to lay off the brains till this swine flu thing passes?

  405. Rhea Banerjee says:

    Stop staring at me like that while I’m trying to find you the perfect brain! It’s making me nervous..

  406. Dani says:

    I really have to quit bringing my work home with me!


    Hey guys I was just joking when I said, IT stands for Intelligence Takers…

  407. Wam says:

    Theres something different about all of you… have you all had haircuts or something?

  408. Wam says:

    Brains? No I… I don’t have any of those…

  409. Saera says:

    “Ah… look! A UFO!”
    “So, are you guys here for golf?”
    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore… Toto? Oh shit, the zombies got him.”

  410. Liz says:

    I should be safe. The brains are in the computer.

  411. Adrian says:

    You guys look tired, dead on your feet in fact.

  412. Adrian says:

    The office sextuplets really are dead ringers for one another.

  413. JohnB says:

    “If you don’t forward this to 10 friends in the next 10 minutes you will be eaten by zombies.” Ha ha. Yeah, right. Huh?

  414. Shanna says:

    Zombieland Rule #42:
    Always remember to Crtl-Alt-Delete before becoming a zombie brunch.

  415. Pnoy says:

    Looks like I’ve been zombie-roll’d.

  416. Frank says:

    Okay! Okay! I’m sending in the order for fava beans now!

  417. Cliffy Claven says:

    I shouldn’t have posted that ad on E-Harmony

  418. fabs says:

    There are no news about zombie invasion, so you don’t exist. I googled it!… Ah, here it is!

  419. Jim Lowden says:

    “Alright, alright–I won’t send any more chain-emails to Accounting!”

  420. JB says:

    Who Googled Chicken Brain on the foodtnetwork site while I was in the bathroom?

    Upper Management always gets weird around Halloween.

    Where did they find all these temps who would work for chicken feed?

  421. Joe Cosper says:……………Damn this slow internet connection!

  422. Rojse says:

    Just another day at the office…

  423. Douglas Troy says:

    Why isn’t the Escape key working?!?!

  424. Joe Cosper says:

    Don’t tell me…you guys are the six new VPs we hired.

  425. Deborah says:

    “I’ve gotta get out of Human Resources” (chicken resources?)

  426. CaySedai says:

    No brains here. I work at a newspaper!

  427. Jessica says:

    Hey, do you really think I’m the brains of this operation?

  428. Deede says:

    Office Etiquette: “Are you kidding… YOUR lunch smells better than my fish!?!”

  429. Carlos says:

    So this is what I get for coming in on the weekends!


    I must have missed the memo about this!

  430. Kyle says:

    “Look, the server will be fixed when it’s fixed. You can still get youtube on your blackberries.”

    “Sorry guys, websense blocks Says it’s NSFZ?”

    “I hate it when corporate comes to observe.”

  431. Daniel says:

    no, “brains” is not the correct password

  432. Keith says:

    #zombies…no wait…##zombies… uh,…###zombies ####### Why isn’t this working?!?

  433. Carley says:

    Scottie beam me up, Scottie?

  434. Carley says:

    Okay here I go, drop , tuck, and roll.

  435. Courtney says:

    “What?… something up my nose?”

  436. Ryan Heller says:

    Linda Blair Sex Tape
    “Guys she’s not that hot, but she is flexible…”

  437. Saurio says:

    No, my name is not Brian! Please stop calling me Brian!

  438. Saurio says:

    They told me I’d become a zombie in this office, but I thought it was metaphoric.

  439. Saurio says:

    Sorry, but you won’t make me accept Chuck Norris as my personal saviour.

  440. Sara Clauss says:

    I knew this job could suck the life out of you!

  441. Saurio says:

    And this is my brain on drugs.

  442. Rilla says:

    “Follow us on Twitter! Fooolloooow us on Titter!!”

  443. Rilla says:

    Ummm…edited to say I meant “Twitter.” This is a family Web site afterall.

  444. Paul says:

    Hey guys! Nope, can’t find any brains on Twitter either. Oh wait…

  445. Kristy says:

    *Yes..It’s true ..The egg DID come before the chicken*

  446. Jesse says:

    Zombie repellant, my ass.

  447. Jijin John says:

    Apparently, this guy draws comics about us.

  448. psychopauser says:

    Chiken says:
    “So, you just need to write Brains in this box and press I’m feeling lucky”

  449. Jesse says:

    I told them to budget for emergency flamethrowers, but no…

  450. Jesse says:

    And on the one day I leave my shotgun at home.

  451. Gina says:

    Brains?! Sorry guys, I already gave at the office.

  452. Mrs.Raj says:

    Macsweetie16 : Say words FREE SALE GIVEAWAY and you will see zombies.


  453. Mrs.Raj says:

    YES ! A Coupan for free wings at KFC

  454. Fran says:

    I have no brains… i use internet!!

  455. Laurie says:

    Listen up! Halt production…if the eggs have not already been laid they will not have time to rott before Halloween!

  456. Russ says:

    “Yes… Brains, very funny. My sarcasm meter is in the red already because you guys thought it was funny to lie life-less on the floor during this mornings stand-up meeting.

    Oh, And micro-managing isn’t going to get the site back up any quicker.”

  457. CeCe says:

    Look, all I want to do is keep my brain. Let’s find a compromise.

  458. Russ says:

    Oh no, i meant “lay lifeless”

    Homonyms!!!! You betray me!!!!

  459. Reid says:

    “guys, I’m Googleing(?)”free brains” as fast as I can!”

  460. Kristy says:

    Ummm…How fast can I Google a good chicken soup recipe???

    I’m starting to feel a little like Pamela Anderson only I’ve got better legs.

    The dingo ate your babies peeps….NOT me!!


    Night of The Living Chicken…Part deux Deux

    Yes!!!For the last time…Windows 7 will have Zombie friendly software!!


  461. shanadian says:

    😀 That’s stealing. But excellent idea.

    “I told you guys I’m not going to start playing Farmville on Facebook!”

  462. Cara says:

    Sorry, you’re too late. This little box here already stole my brains.

  463. Juankmu says:

    Oh crap!. I told you It was an accident. I though that jelly belongs nobody!

  464. Crash Solo says:

    Title: Dyslexic Zombies
    Caption: Why yes, my name is Brian.

  465. Karen says:

    Uh…did I make the coffee too strong again?

  466. Skhi says:

    Hey! It looks like you really DO qualify for a Government Bailout!

  467. Russ says:

    bubble – “Ok… note to self: Write a cleanup function to make sure all child-processes are properly terminated.”

    caption: kill -9 -1

  468. Kristy says:

    Ummm This might be the only time in my life I suggest we all do the chicken dance!

  469. Kristy says:

    LOL these are funny

  470. Davide Carini says:

    Wait, what do you mean by “BRAINS OR TREAT”?!
    Wonder what the “TRICK” would be…
    What about dear old “TRICK OR TREAT”?
    These trick-or-treaters must be really committed to the cause…

  471. alice says:

    I am adding you on Facebook right now, look, look.

  472. Russ says:

    Bubble: Technically, the Republicans were still wrong about the public option.

    Caption: Undeath-panels

  473. alice says:

    Lemme Twitter dat!

  474. rich says:

    computer says no!

  475. Tim Elam says:

    Just one more thing… this is the most Zombie friendly Mac yet.


    These are not the brains you are looking for. Move along.

  476. rich says:

    Hmmmm, the office staff seems so uncharacteristically alive today!

  477. Tony Bond says:

    Bra!nz, Brahnz, Branz – Brains.

    Bran – Like brains but easier to digest. The food of choice for elderly zombies.


  478. David G says:

    I knew you’d find me when I created that SPAM and brains joke.
    Title: Viral Chicken

  479. David G says:

    You Guys were right reality really bites.
    Title: Undercover Zombie

  480. Bri says:

    Sorry guys, Lindsay Lohan isn’t a zombie yet.

  481. Bri says:

    Wow, working really does turn you into a Zombie.

  482. Bri says:

    I’ll get fired if my boss finds out I’ve been looking at brains all day.

  483. christi says:

    “Really guys? You thought of *me*…for *brains*? awwwk-ward.”

  484. Mireille Albert says:

    Damn, gotta do something about that fried-brain smell.

  485. willwot says:

    Hump?! What hump?!

  486. alice says:

    What do you mean you need one more to play Snow White and the Seven Zombies?

  487. El Chupacabra says:

    yep, new haircut. I’m glad someone finally noticed.

  488. Joe Cosper says:

    Uhhh, ASME meeting, down the hall, first door on the left.

  489. Kamen says:

    It’s no use guys, there’s no way you’re going to find someone with brains in a dating site or social network. But if you insist…

  490. Kamen says:

    This is your leader?

  491. Chad Stieb says:

    Who forgot to lock the door to accounting again?

  492. Brandon says:

    “I’m glad everyone showed up for my tutorial of Photoshop.”

  493. Brooke says:

    umm… you guys, my brain needs personal space too. ESPECIALLY you to my right!

  494. PerryG says:

    This is gonna be hard to describe in 140 characters…

  495. Psychopauser says:

    I don’t think you guys know what is chicken pox…

  496. Neil says:

    Look! you guys can save a lot of money if you buy brains slightly used from eBay.

  497. Saera says:


    “Look, the new deluxe model comes with white silk lining and free shroud…”
    “It looks like Savage Chickens are having a competition about us!”
    “You’ve got to stop using my email to spam people, Fred. They are not going to die if they don’t sent it on…”
    “I don’t care if it’s Halloween Fred. I’m not going to buy 2000 tonnes of candy and a pumpkin carriage off Ebay.”
    “It says here that zombie chickens are walking the streets! Thank God we’re OK.”
    “Alright I’ll hack the mainframe, just don’t eat me!”
    “I’m hungry too…”
    “Why don’t I need to order dinner?”
    “Happy Halloween to you too…”
    (hums) “Hungry eyes, One look at you and I can’t disguise, Hungry eyes…”
    “You don’t like my screensaver, Fred? Bite me.”
    “I don’t like chicken..”
    “I think I just laid an egg.”
    “Trick or treat, right?”

  498. Justin says:

    Thank God! People who understand Vista.

  499. Rocco says:

    “Thanks for coming zombies. Now, let’s get to YouTube and post those comments!”

  500. lieven DV says:

    I know; I reacted just the same when I discovered the “computer in monitor” iMac concept…though, the step from 1 mouse button to no mouse at all was a bit over the top

  501. Vlad says:

    WTF, who are you guys? What happened to the strippin’ witches?

  502. Kristy says:

    Look..I’m really busy ..Why don’t you all go lay an egg or something?


    When I joined up on…I
    was SURE it said it was for fans of the rock group The Zombies…D’oh!


    Zombies…Where’s my pants???


    I never should have told them on
    I was looking for someone with brains.


  503. Kristy says:

    I never should have told them on I wanted to find someone who loved me for
    my brains.

  504. Kristy says:

    Chicken porn attracts the strangest peeps!!

  505. Kristy says:

    Glad you all stopped by today..You can all help with ideas for my new site.

    LOLz chickens.

  506. danny says:

    sir, the filings are are done

  507. Marco says:

    Sorry guys we have to cancel the video. It seems that Jacko is dead.

  508. Kristy says:

    Sorry guys.. I left my wallet home today AND my brains….Drats!


    Title *The Brains Nazi*

    No brains for you!!!!!

  509. Kristy says:

    Gee I know I have a huge IQ..But who knew my brains could be this appealing to the masses??


    This gives new meaning to the words :

    brain dead!


    Oh Luuuuucy…I theenk we gots a problemo!!


    I ain’t no chicken….but I’m asceeeeered!

  510. Kristy says:

    So uh I was saying..A chicken walks into a bar…..


    Suddenly..I feel like wandering into
    the woods and chasing a fox!!

  511. Kristy says:

    Ummmmm Why did the chicken cross the road???

    Yeah..Now I know why!!

  512. palz says:

    hang on dear Zombies, let me just log in to my twitter, I’ve got 1000 followers…
    so, we have a deal here?

  513. Kristy says:

    Someone once told me my brains have the distinct odor of chicken feed and caramelized onions..I’m thinking they were right.


    Well..I guess the egg really doesn’t fall from the nest.


    I’m just doing an edit on
    *Zombies For Dummies* guys..I didn’t write it OR title it….ok??

  514. RogerR says:

    Where’s the Colonel when you need him?

  515. braindude says:

    “And this one is called iBrain. You can download it on your iPod to spot close brains.”

  516. braindude says:

    Beeing eaten by zombies … and send. Now, let me update my facebook status to “living dead” and i’m all yours.

  517. James says:

    I just checked on the internet – there’s no zombie spoof of Glee yet. So get singin’!

  518. Anuj says:

    I’m sure Doug is going to give the Halloween Contest 2009 1st prize to Anuj…..

  519. braindude says:

    You look different. New haircut ?

  520. braindude says:

    No, YOU get a life !

  521. braindude says:

    Believe me, nerd is the new zombie

  522. braindude says:

    I can’t believe I’m the only one who picked the nerd costume.

  523. JB says:

    You mean you want to have me over FOR some fava beans with a nice Chianti?

  524. Bananaking says:

    So this Python stuff really can do ANYTHING, even summon the dead!?

  525. kathy says:

    You know, I just saw this great recipe for an avocado and honey face masque…I bet it would do wonders for your complexion!

  526. Ryan says:

    I guess that H1N1 outbreak was more serious than I thought…

  527. Mary Downs says:

    What? You want me to play the Michael Jaackson part in the ‘Thriller’ remake? Cool!

  528. Rupert says:

    I’ve got to stop MUDing all night. It’s messing with my head.

  529. Allen's Brain says:

    Come on, Guys! Halloween was LAST WEEK!

    Okay! Okay! I will get to all of you. You first: please state the nature of your emergency.

    And who is your medical insurance provider?

    But I’m George Romero, dang it!

  530. braindude says:

    As an anonymous blogger I know nobody can find me, but I still feel a bit unsecure…

  531. Allen's Brain says:

    caption: Frank gasped with recognition. The only thing keeping the undead at bay was the giant floating speech bubble over his head!

  532. demil says:

    “Can you guys wait for a while? I definitely have to Twitt this”

  533. “is that supposed to be the #FollowFriday?”

  534. Russ says:

    Bubble: “Wow, canvas is pretty powerful.”
    Caption: “HTML5 – it’s Voodoo”

  535. Joao Antonio says:

    “I vote for Berlusconi. See? No brains…”


    “Can you wait a minute so I finish this brain-teaser”


    “See, that’s Nobel Academy on Google Maps. Go get them and enjoy your meal!”

  536. Russ says:

    bubble: “The subjective nature inherent to the observer’s internalized representation of their reality predicates that even apparent corporeal manifestations of …”
    caption: “Fred quickly learns the difference between Existential theory and real world practice.”

  537. kelly says:

    Umm…Hi guys…guess that swine flu shot didn’t work out so well, huh?

  538. ian richardson says:

    Brains? Umm you know they say it tastes just like chicken.

  539. ian richardson says:

    I was going to be an existial nihilist, but I just could not be bothered – and now I have to deal with all of you!

  540. ian richardson says:

    ugg make that existential – my typing – yuck

  541. pera says:

    can i just check my phasebook?

  542. Kevin Platte II says:

    Huh, must be a board meeting.

  543. Alex says:

    Told ya guys, Youtube makes your chicken skin boost into goose bumps! Kazaaaang!!!

  544. Alex says:

    …what porn?! nooo, not here! just passed out. Yes, all of them, unfortunately!

  545. Rocco says:



    That’s what my horoscope meant by “A Lobotomy is in your future.”


    Phew, good thing I’m in a mindless job

  546. Ian says:

    Norton, don’t fail me now!

  547. kent says:

    Welp, that aughta do it…now just reboot and log in under b-r-a-i-n-s-?-!

  548. Tracy says:

    No, NOT brains!! I keep telling you — GIZZARDS!!

  549. Lynne says:

    …where’s the ammo button on this thing?

  550. Kristy says:

    I’m just new here. When the recruiter asked me why they should hire me .. I did say I would give my heart and soul to this company.
    I never mentioned my brains!!!

  551. Kristy says:

    My mother always told me that someday..someone would love me exclusively for my brains.

  552. Kristy says:

    My head is the envy of the modern world.

    Oh joy!

  553. Kristy says:

    Brainiac interuptus….NOW!!!

  554. Jared Looper says:

    Ahh yes, the users.

  555. Kristy says:

    Suddenly the new hiree breaks out into
    a passionate rendition of a *Dream Girls* tune:

    *And I’m telling you..I’m not going!!!!

    No no no WAY!!!!!!

  556. Kristy says:

    Hey guys ..thanks for stopping by.. You can help me with ideas for my new web site..LOLz zombies.

  557. Hans says:

    You mean you guys haven’t seen the She-Wolf video??

  558. Kristy says:


    Yesterday..all my troubles seemed so far away.

    The Beatles always seem to soothe the savage zombies.

  559. Hans says:

    Good thing I just updated my anti-virus software

  560. Wawi says:

    “Ok, ok, hold on…so you said 4-8-15-16-23-42…and then what?”

  561. “Hang on a sec, I gotta Tweet this!”

  562. Ian says:

    You want me to mapquest the nearest sorority mixer? Don’t you guys have a built in GPS for that sort of thing?

  563. Piran Treen says:

    “It was Porn not brains!”

  564. APHS Amy says:

    Submissions from AP Language Class
    “Why isn’t the escape button working?”
    “Ctrl, Alt, Del. Ctrl, Alt, Del. Ctrl, Alt, Del…..”
    “Thank God I ddin’t go to Mexico for spring break!”
    “What the Cluck?”
    “You guys, we can’t all have the swine flu costume.”
    “Let me finish my tweet, my followers will never believe this!”

  565. Dan says:

    I always wondered what my World of Warcraft friends looked like in person.

  566. Giuseppe D. says:

    “Wow, our hiring standards have really slipped…”

  567. Tim Canny says:

    So what exactly did the temp agency mean when they said you practiced an “atypical” form of intellectual property law here at Zombie, Zombie, Zombie & Zombie, LLP?

  568. Donna Haley says:

    Who nominated ME for team leader this week???

  569. JB says:

    I don’t remember calling a staff meeting

    All in favor of ordering lunch say ‘Aye.’

    I said I hate it when it rains, not ‘I ate its brains.’

  570. Travis says:

    Arrrg!! Compile FASTER!!!

  571. Travis says:

    Hey guys! Look here! The News says there’s a nation-wide plague of zomb… uh… guys?

  572. Travis says:

    bubble: “OK, I found your problem right here. It’s a driver conflict… maybe… umm… not that I would know. I’m not THAT brainy.”

    Caption: Bad Job #583 – Zombie IT

  573. Emily says:

    Figures! I’m only one here with enough brains to do this job and they all come flocking to me!

  574. Rita says:

    Ok, marketing department…Step 1: hit this button to turn on the computer!

  575. ghaghgh says:

    Seriously, guys! I only play resident Evil for the story!

  576. Ron Strand says:

    OK, I said you could follow me on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean you can follow me everywhere!

  577. Ron Strand says:

    OK, tell me again how the virus I created cloned itself into revenge.

  578. Ashley says:

    “No, these are webcomics. I can assure you brains have nothing to do with them.”

    “Actually, they’re boobies.”

    “Honestly, it’s “Brains, please.” Just because you’re dead does not mean you are excused from common courtesy.”

    “At the time being, there’s a glitch in Windows 7 that makes any computer running it an unholy black hole of evil energy which will make the dead rise from their grave for miles around and have the wander around aimlessly in their never-ending search for the flesh of the living. The Microsoft Team knows how this might be annoying to your everyday activities, but we assure you we’re working to have this tiny problem fixed straight away.”

  579. Billie Jean says:

    “There’s something strange, in my neighborhood. I think I’m gonna call…Woody Harrelson!”

  580. CJ says:

    Okay fine….here’s a twinkie. Now will you go away?

  581. Russ says:

    Bubble: “More brain’s is your solution to everything.”

    Caption: “Since the Zombie Apocalypse, brainstorming sessions have really become unproductive”

  582. Russ says:

    “No, I don’t think Michael is coming back for one last Dance”

  583. Serene says:

    “Sure, feel free to pick my brains for your next brainstorming session!”

    Caption: Dwight’s First Day

  584. sam says:

    “I should have listened when they told me about the occupational hazards of working here.”

    “why does it always have to be zombies? couldn’t one of you be, like, a vampire or something original?”

  585. Julian Zucker says:

    Sure, zombie nerds. You can have my computer. Don’t hurt me!

  586. Russ says:

    “For the last time, I’m just the webmaster for… and no, I don’t think their new tour is a ‘Direct assault on zombie culture’ as you claim.”

  587. Nic C says:

    “Dave!!! I told you shouldn’t have relocated to Raccoon City for the cheap labour!”

  588. Helana Gurgel says:

    Man, If I did have brains I wouldn’t be a boss.

  589. Nic C says:

    “Dave!!! I told you we shouldn’t have relocated to Raccoon City for the cheap labour!”

  590. CYBRFRK says:

    Now to post the eBay auction and get rid of all these Zombie Mannicans; freaky!

  591. Sara says:

    … See? Thats how you make Chicken Brain Stirfry. Any questions?


    Timmy Tofu? That you?

  592. sUpErguRRl says:

    Guys? Yeah Yeah, very funny. Uh. Guys?

  593. Heather says:

    Just a second, I’ll search ‘zombie’ on Yahoo health.

  594. Heav says:

    What was it again?

  595. Chris says:

    OK, I know I copied everyone on a private email, again, but that’s no reason to eat my brain!

  596. Chris says:

    Ok, which one of you put the slide show of brains as my screen saver?

  597. Jesse says:

    …And so I said, “That’s not a vampire! THAT’S MY WIFE!!”

  598. Vaughn says:

    If I only had a brain…

  599. Vaughn says:

    w/music notes surrounding “If I only had a brain” previous post…

  600. Peter says:

    I wish my groupies were more normal…

  601. Arlene Kelly says:

    Hitting escape doesn’t help! I thought this was just a bad computer dream!

    Okay, I ordered all the necessary brain food for you. For the vegans, I ordered tofu brain.

  602. Varin says:

    What!? I just dressed up for Halloween!

  603. Wilmer C. says:

    Caption: A Corporate Accountant’s worst nightmare: An overdue status report and a zombie attack.

    Dialogue: Guys, wait, please. Just let me finish this spreadsheet.

  604. Mike W. says:

    For the last time, I don’t want to go to lunch with you guys.

    I don’t think this is what they meant by a “brainstorming session”.

    With my mind-numbing job, it probably won’t taste very good anyway.

    This cartoon is 14.3% zombie free… but not for long.

    I hate my job.

  605. Amanda says:

    Where’s a cricket bat when you need one?

  606. kate from Scotland says:

    “…..and the ram is what you might call the brain of your computer!”

    Error training error in Computing for Zombies 101

  607. Andrea says:

    If you could come back at 12:30? I just have this huge report to finish and there’s so much more work yet to be done…actually go ahead and do it now.

  608. Kniget says:

    Alternative to my October 26th, 2009 8:03 am entry:

    Sorry, just auctioned off my brains on eBay.

  609. Doug says:


  610. Lisa says:

    I told you ebay doesn’t trade in body parts…

    Okay, so there’s three brains on Amazon Marketplace, one new and two ‘used – very good’. What shall we go for?

    So, how long have you guys been working in Local Government?

  611. Paul says:

    Everyone calm down! I’m sure we can find plenty of recipes that use brain.

  612. John Carlis says:

    Look! Spycam evidence. The chicken crossed the road because she was stapled to the pervert.

  613. Kristy says:

    Descartes’ told us: *I think..therefore I am.*
    I never imagined he meant….I am …lunch?

  614. Kristy says:

    Something tells me my overwhelming
    charm..raconteur , bon vivant playful yet rogue-ish appeal isn’t going to be enough to help me out of this mess as usual.
    Sigh…I should have exploited that side of my personality a bit more when I had the chance.

  615. Kristy says:

    After it’s all over..can I please keep my
    computer? It will come in handy
    for re-introduction into civilized society.

  616. Kelvin says:

    Woah! This zombie game is so realistic!

  617. Jeff O says:

    what do you mean eat my nuggets, chickens do not have nuggets!!!

  618. tander says:

    Hey! I just found stephen hawking address on the internet, He got a lot of brains!

  619. Natasha says:

    Hey guys…. You know that my computer is smarter than me….. That means it has a bigger brain……

  620. Av says:

    Don’t hurt me, I’m your friend! uh oh, this isn’t working uhh look at the screen, yeah its got coloured lights! LOOK TOWARDS THE LIGHT while I make my escape…

  621. JuanD says:

    Shit!!, I hate msn curses.

  622. JuanD says:

    Shit !! Take away get influenza
    AH1N1 ??

  623. Clara says:

    Go away! I already gave my brain to the Zombie Brain Bank.

  624. Kristy says:

    My ex always said I needed a frontal lobotomy.
    But on the cheep???


    I did the James Lipton 10 questions from the Actor’s Studio on line the other day.
    One of the questions was :
    *What other profession would you like to try*

    I said *brain surgeon*

    Failed attempt at snark once again.

    You all had me at hello!!


    Listen…If I HAD a think I’d be siting here all day trying to solve the
    Da Vinci code? It’s just a day job guys.
    I’m a lead guitar player by night for a heavy metal band and we all know they ain’t got no brains. Carry on!


  625. Kristy says:

    Note to self:

    Do not EVER brag about how big your brain is EVER again on


    Did I make those AFLAC payments I wonder?

  626. Kristy says:

    Apparently the euphemism
    *food for thought * means something very different to the zombies.

  627. alice says:

    I see dead Chicken

    I see undead Chicken


    Sorry guys, I guess I will fly solo to the destination wedding.

  628. alice says:

    Who said computers can’t kill?


    It wast just a video game. How did you say you died?

  629. Anuj says:

    1 8ET _|00 (4|\|’t |_||\||)e.-5T4|\||) |_EEt 5|>E4|<, |\|0082!

    btw use to translate this

  630. Anuj says:

    intel inside, zombies outside

  631. Joram says:


  632. Kristy says:

    If you knock three times on my forehead and twice ON my head….the answer is NO!!

  633. […] Happy Halloween! Here are the winners of this year’s Halloween Contest! […]

  634. Gerri says:

    I know the contest is over but I just randomly stumbled upon this and thought the following would be funny:

    “These chicks are hot! Why are you guys looking like that? Oh wait…they’re roosters aren’t they…”

  635. Sjmarel says:


  636. Jye says:

    Urgh. Must be monday again

  637. Tooob says:

    ok fine, just let me log off.

  638. Tooob says:

    control alt delete, control alt delete

    Arrr it dosent work

  639. Callie Brady says:

    “I ordered pizza, not zombie chickens”


    “Louder! Follow along…”
    “The zombies are coming to town!
    The zombies are coming to town!
    Hi Ho Halloweenieooooo
    The zombies are coming to town!”

  640. Jerusha says:

    “Great. Another Monday.” / “Brainless idiots”

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