A Balanced Breakfast

Another fine product from Killoggs.

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12 Responses to A Balanced Breakfast

  1. steve says:

    lol, next it will be Shredded Feet!


  2. Keikuina says:

    As I’m reading this, I haven’t been able to sleep! D; And it’s almost 7AM ;n;
    Makes me want to have my cereal bowl XD

  3. Dude says:

    Interesting enough some people actually are trying to make from a chicken a chickenosaurus 😀 (true story – check TED talks). So the krispies might help 😛

  4. Leo says:

    I’d eat it.

  5. willwot says:

    Nuclear food in a Nuclear Age hmmmmhmmmmm. Eye blinkin good

  6. Jackson says:

    Doug, you’re turning into a Cereal Killer!


    Splice Krispies; From the evil scientists at Killogss (they’re tragically, malicious!).

  7. Chris says:

    Oh 3 Eyed Chicken, how we love thee.

  8. kristina says:

    Multi-Brain Cheerios: A smart way to start the day…

  9. mariusg says:

    why complain, you can always use a third eye..

  10. Aud says:

    FINALLY, the truth comes out!

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