Corporate Survivalist

Drawn on two 3″ x 5″ sticky notes. Here’s some fire.

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19 Responses to Corporate Survivalist

  1. steve says:

    lol, that Davie Crockett hat is superb.

    Doug, we need more Racoons!


  2. iulia says:

    loved it!! good Tuesday starter!! :))

  3. Turro says:

    A real consultant would be less imperative: “All the evidences shows it’s very likely you’ll need a fire”. Perhaps…

  4. torremaules says:

    And even they might add in their presentation that:

    “It might be advisable to start a fire to make the most of concomitant synergies so that you can build up expertise and nurture special talents while focusing on fire and the light and heat thereof.”

    Btw, those chickens rule!

  5. Sam Juan says:

    Good one! You don’t see this on Discovery Channel. I hope this is a recurring theme.

  6. willwot says:

    this is that string theory thing in action.

  7. Stephanie says:

    But do people want fire that can be fitted nasally?

  8. Matt says:

    either those chickens are thinking, “wow! this guy is great.”,or “We’re not calling this guy back again.”

  9. Tom says:

    Now all we need are the Six Sigma consultants to show us how to better rub two sticks together.

  10. Kit Vaq says:

    Spot on!

  11. Walter Zimmerman says:

    Shouldn’t there be a big fat check changing claws? Or perhaps the consultant chickens leave with all the available firewood, as payment? Sorry, but sometimes I’m just too cynical for my own good. (LOVE the drawings, by the way!!!)

  12. Theron Fuller says:

    “You need to learn how to start fires and do fundraisers for fire materials sustainment. Here is my plan and fees for training your staff how to do this.”

  13. Oh, my God, that’s so true!!! Best corporate sticky note ever! Now let’s pay a fortune to those consultants!

  14. kristina says:

    Yeah, management never wants to listen to us little guys already in the company, as we can’t possiblely know what we are talking about (no big degrees, big dollars, big titles), so they hire some fancy consulting company, paying out mucho $$, to tell them the same thing, most likely with fancier words in really spiff presentations and documents.

    You always know how to hit the nail on the head…


  15. Capt. Obvious says:

    I was hoping Daniel Cluck there would use the consultants to *start* the fire…soak them in some lighter fluid…

    Better yet, the guys from marketing come pre-marinated in alcohol. THERE’S a fire 🙂

  16. Tracy says:

    Brilliant, but I do agree with Kristina and Fernanda: that last panel is missing a giant invoice for “services rendered” by the consultants. Maybe it should be lurking in the trees, like a horror movie killer waiting to strike?

  17. Haha! I love this, absolutely brilliant! 😀

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  19. unbound says:

    First frame needs to start with “I think we need a fire, but I’m too afraid to make that decision on my own”.

    Then come in the consultants. They would state that a fire is indeed highly recommended. They would not be definitive about it since the corporation will sue the consultants when they set themselves on fire in the process.

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