Breakfast of Justice

Here are more fine products from Killoggs.

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9 Responses to Breakfast of Justice

  1. emtiu says:

    Please do “Corn Fakes” 😀

  2. Serpic-O’s? Badge-shaped marshmallows? Instead of “magically delicious” perhaps these are “criminally delicious?”

  3. Sam Juan says:

    Is that a Tom Selleck trading card? I want it!!
    Kinda disappointed there’s no Horacio Caine though.

  4. Matt M says:

    Do these taste anything like Rufi-O’s (the cereal that never gets old)?

  5. Matt says:

    Killoggs 🙂 Nice one Doug!

  6. Dostoevsky says:

    Love the cartoon…but I know many people who have a bowl of Scorn Flakes every morning. Timmy should come up with his own lascivious cereal.

  7. willwot says:

    I’d trade one sexual deviant attorney general for two corrupt cops.

  8. Wildbird says:

    The favorite cereal of AL PACHINO

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