Best Cake Ever

Time for my favourite dedication of the year: Karina’s birthday!! Hope you have a great birthday on Sunday, Karina!!

Karina asked me for a birthday dedication ten years ago and we’ve been celebrating together ever since. Here are all of the other Karina’s Birthday comics: Happy BirthdayBirthdayBirthday PartyParty PooperBirthday EssentialsGetting WiserKing KongDog DaysLooking GreatFinally

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13 Responses to Best Cake Ever

  1. Peter says:

    That is a pretty awesome cake! 😀

  2. Ant says:

    “The cake is a lie.”

  3. Karina says:


  4. Karina says:

    And you. Happy 10th birhdayversary Doug.

  5. ash says:

    “I’m a vegetarian.”

  6. Jeremy says:

    Vegan kosher ham?

  7. Jean Allen says:

    Hahaha! Sad and true, but incredibly funny for those of us who suffer from Celiac disease!
    Love your cartoons, Doug! My sister and I look for them in our email every day! Thanks for making us laugh!

  8. willwot says:

    Does it use bacon for icing? cake always needs icing? No icing no cake. Being a vegetarian and former partaker of meat bacon icing would be the icing on the cake!!!

  9. Nysssa says:

    “Ooooh, did I mention I’m trying to cut down on salt?”

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