Tenth Anniversary!

Ten years ago today, I posted my first Savage Chickens cartoon. Ten years! Isn’t that crazy? As I look back on the last ten years of chickening, I feel extremely grateful for how Savage Chickens has changed my life. Ten years ago, I was a bit of a mess: a creative person with no creative outlet, stuck in a tedious job and plagued by migraines. Now I’m a cartoonist. My childhood dream has come true! Thank you all for reading my comics and for being supportive over the past ten years – I can’t wait to see what the next ten years brings!

Above is my annual class photo of all characters that appeared in more than one comic in the past year. See if you can spot your favorites. And now, the best from year #10…

Your Top Ten
These were the most-visited comics from the past year:

  1. Yesterday
  2. A Thousand Typewriters
  3. Dog Workflow
  4. A Suspicious Death
  5. The Pay is Good
  6. Guardians of Thanksgiving
  7. A Good Day to Die
  8. Ninja Weapons
  9. A Serious Talk
  10. The Fall

Doug’s Top Ten
And here are my top picks (alphabetically) from the rest of the past yearโ€™s comics:

Don’t see your favorite on either of these lists? Put it in the comments!

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61 Responses to Tenth Anniversary!

  1. Kehos says:

    Congratulations Doug! Keep it going, you and your chickens are awesome ^^

  2. ani625 says:

    Great going Doug! Still enjoy your comics.

  3. Ronald Snijder says:

    Congratulations! The chickens have become a nice start for my working days.

  4. Anon. says:

    Thank you, Doug, for another great year of cartoons!!

    Some of my favorites:
    Safety First
    Donโ€™t Believe

  5. Biswarup Ray says:

    I am a vegetarian but I like your chickens ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks a lot for your cartoons and keep up the good work.

  6. Ant says:

    Wow, a decade? What was the very (fir/1)st like?

  7. LaPatriaEsElOtro says:

    Dear Doug, what does faves mean? “See if you can spot your faves”

    • Doug says:

      Sorry, “faves” is a short-form of “favorites” that I usually try to avoid, for clarity. Fixed it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LaPatriaEsElOtro says:

        A couple of months ago, I was looking for some information on the internet and someone recommended “Eight Steps”. After found more cartoons it’s still my fave one. I was struggling the last 3 years to get 6 labor hours instead of 9 and eventually worked! I start next Monday!. I wanna live now, not when I am getting elderly.

  8. Ben says:

    Ten years. Wow. That’s amazing. Congratulations! Ten years of consistently amusing and creative cartoons (on sticky notes) is very impressive. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  9. Janouk says:

    Congratulations Doug! The daily adventures of your chickens (with their awesome friends and foes) continue to be something I look forward to every day. I wish you a great next ten years, and thank you for always putting a smile on my face!

  10. Kathy says:

    Ten years awesome. Well done indeed!

  11. Ligia says:

    Happy anniversary! I always love your year-roundup post, it reminds me of how much I laughed throughout the year with your cartoons ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Carol says:

    Been with you since the beginning. I asked for a cartoon with chickens bowling and you said you bowled like an old man. I thought that was hilarious and I’m still hoping for chickens at a bowling lane. Congratulations Doug!

    • Doug says:

      I still bowl like an old man! I’m so bad at bowling that I can’t even figure out which hand I should throw with. I’m equally terrible, left or right. Funny, I still enjoy bowling anyway – maybe because when I do get a strike, it’s such a wonderful surprise.

      I should’ve dedicated this one to you, Carol! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Bob Patterson says:

    Congrats! I can’t believe it’s been 10.

  14. Oracle says:

    Thanks Doug! You have given me much enjoyment. (BTW, my favorite is When Life Hands You Lemons Squeeze Them Into The Eyes of The Nearest Pollyanna)

  15. Stefan says:

    I thought Immortal was pretty good, too. That and “A Serious Talk” are among my favorites for this year. I also loved three from your list – “Litter Box”, “Return of Cat Plumber” and “Your Next Appointment”.

  16. John says:

    Happy anniversary Doug! Your strip is the highlight of my day. You’ve been a big inspiration for me in the webcomics world. Thanks for the laughs and I look forward to lots more! Cheers!

  17. Aeona says:

    Congratulations, Doug! Fantastic milestone.
    I keep “The Diagnosis” posted in my office – and, no exaggeration, everyone who visits and reads it laughs.

  18. Sam says:

    Thanks for 10 years of laughs, chuckles at cats and TONS of Shakespeare!!!!! Made costuming “Hamlet” a few yrs back a joy.

    • Doug says:

      I’m such a Hamlet geek, so I’m always happy when somebody likes my Shakespeare comics! My favorite one from this year is A Suspicious Death, partly because of the research I did for it. It’s all completely true! I even found some medical studies about snake bites in Denmark ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Ghengis Khan says:

    Congrats Doug! Keep up the great work!

  20. Composer99 says:

    Congratulations, Doug. At 10 years you can safely say you’re a fixture of the webcomic scene.

  21. Carlos Jass says:

    Congratulations on a decade of keeping us chickened. I have been a fan since I discovered you while in South Korea lo these many years ago. When I returned to Texas in 2008, I told all my friends and many of them are also fans. Keep it up for as long as you can

  22. Sonja says:

    Ten years! Happy Anniversary. So glad things worked out for you (and us!!). Of course, my favorite from last year is Aug. 25 – The Passage of Time – and watching paint dry.

  23. Shawn says:

    10 years, way to go! I’ve been a daily reader for quite a long time now and I hope you keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. DieWompRatDie says:

    Congratulations! I read the comic every day and love the characters and especially any Star Wars themed ones.
    May you have many more years of chickening and MTFBWY!

  25. Linda says:

    Ten-gradulations! I think I found you shortly after you started up! Enjoyed your comics ever since!

  26. Miguel says:

    Congratulations Doug from a longtime reader!

    Thanks for all the chickens that bring a laugh everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Thomas_U says:

    Congratulations! Lokking forward to the next ten years of savage chickens.

  28. Andy says:

    Keep up the good chickening, Doug! Or… keep fighting the good chicken fight? LOL

    Seriously though, it’s a pleasure to come along for the ride with someone who was able to start living his dream. You’re an inspiration to the rest of us to get off our butts and go create something!

  29. Peter Wolff says:

    Congratulations! Everything else has been said above.

    (Except that I pray that savagechickens won’t share the fate of userfriendly.)

  30. Jeremy says:

    But the chicken says it’s year 2. So confusing…

  31. Sarah says:

    Happy 10th anniversary! Your cartoons have been a source of much amusement over the past few years! Wishing you many many more years of such creativity!

  32. antonio bond says:

    Doug, Congrats on 10 years and Living the Dream!

    I too have a 10 year anniversary at my current job… – I love my job- and that is when I first started reading Savage Chickens… I found a link from Monsters in my Head, and got hooked.

    I love the Lobster Sidekick… nice to see him chant the 10 years!

  33. Michelle says:

    congratulations Doug. Here’s to the next 10 fabulously Savage years!

  34. The Nerd says:

    Your comic is the most consistently funny one I know. Thanks for all the laughs!

  35. Mark says:

    Congrats! Well done

  36. Michal says:

    Congratulations! Keep up the good job! All the best from Poland. PS. Are you planning to release another paperback book?

  37. Emeline says:

    And I feel extremely grateful too, for how your cartoons has changed my everyday life.
    Thank you and keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚ (please ^^)

  38. kevin says:

    congrats on ten funny years – here’s to ten more!


  39. ara says:

    Congratulations on 10 years of cartooning, Doug!
    My favorite one was when the first Narnia movie came out and Aslan got a mention. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Norbert says:


    Thank you Doug for so many years of fun, wit and awesomeness! I love the Savage Chickens and am always glad to share them with my colleagues and friends.

  41. Between formulas I sometimes need a laugh and I head over to see what those Savage Chickens are up to!
    Thanks for making us laugh Doug!
    Kevin Lehrbass

  42. Mary Jaeger says:

    Congratulations! You always put a smile on my face. Keep them coming Doug!

  43. Joao Paulo Proenca says:

    Congratulations! Many thanks for your work.Every morning, seeing your cartoons is a kind of an open window on my day!

  44. Congrats!

    Over the years I’ve cut down my comic surf to just three comics: XKCD, Schlock Mercenary & Savage Chickens.

    May you keep going for as long as you want to.

  45. Marie Black says:

    Wow! Congratulations! 10 years already. That’s fantastic. It seems like just yesterday my sister was forwarding all your comics to me. Now that I finally figured out this computer thing they automatically pop up every day. I love it. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings.

  46. RogerR says:

    To (mis)quote Benjamin (Animal Farm) – “Chickens live a long time.” I hope yours carry on for a good while yet, anyway, Doug.

  47. kingklash says:

    If you put out a best of the first ten years book, “The Chickening” would make a good title for it.

  48. Rory In Ireland says:


  49. Eric Smith says:

    No longer plagued by migraines? I’ve been fortunate that mine have tapered off to being very infrequent; I hope yours have lessened or been completely eliminated.

    • Doug says:

      Thankfully, my migraines do seem to be gone – I haven’t had one in years. Before I started cartooning, I was getting a few per week. Not fun. Glad to hear that yours have tapered off too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Periwinkle blue says:

    :)I love your cartoons! Cat Plumber is the best.

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