German edition of Savage ChickensThe German-language edition of Savage Chickens: A Survival Kit for Life in the Coop is now available! You can buy it on and in fine bookstores across Germany.

WIN A COPY! I’m giving away a free signed copy of the German edition! To enter, just leave a comment on this post, or send me a note via my contact page. I’ll randomly choose a winner on Sunday, March 18. (Please enter this contest only if you can actually read German!)

And of course, the original English version and the Finnish version are also still available!

Update: To see cartoons from the German edition, read this sample from the publisher, or this article on

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55 Responses to German edition of Savage Chickens book now available

  1. jonniez says:

    Ooh, I’d love to get a copy of this in German!

  2. Andrew Jarratt says:

    Ich würde lieben eine deutsche Ausgabe zu haben!!

  3. christian says:

    Ich auch!

  4. darien m says:

    i dont speak german but still in !

  5. RyanE says:

    Yes, Please!

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I seriously need to brush up on the German skills.

  6. A German in Canada says:

    Mee, too!

  7. 6 German Chickens says:

    Endlich! A chance to teach my pet chickens how to read German as well! So far they’ve only been taught basic verbal comprehension of the language. =) Bittebittebitte!

  8. Would love that book. I am a German living in Germany 🙂

  9. Mark says:

    Please please please, choose me! **jump and wave**

    Bitte, bitte, bitte, wähle mich! **hopps und wink**

  10. Bogatzke says:

    die englische Version hab ich ja schon, aber eine signierte auf Deutsch wär natürlich der Knaller 🙂 schöne Grüße aus Deutschland.

  11. buliwyf says:


    i would be glad to win the german version of your Book. I’m reading your comics only for some weeks now, but it would be the change to see a lot more your your comics.


    es würde mich sehr freuen eine deutsche Ausgabe deines Buchs zu gewinnen. Ich lese deine Comics erst seit ein paar Wochen, aber so hätte ich die Chance noch mehr davon zu lesen.


  12. Michael says:

    Wanna win

  13. fritriac says:


    Oh, and yes, I’m German…

  14. rifty says:


    I discovered your chickens through an article on some days ago and now I`m kind of addicted to them. Really cute different characters and really funny – and easy to understand even for the second-language speakers. Anyway I would like to win the signed German version, that would be really cool!

    Greetings from (at the moment) sunny Germany,

  15. W. says:

    Hello Doug,

    I’d really like to have a signed copy of the book. Thank you for creating these great comics!

    All the best,


  16. Matze says:

    I would love to have a german copy of the book, in order to get angry about the bad translations and write evil mails to your translator 😉

  17. Tony says:

    Well, I cannot read German though I have friends that do.

  18. Helena says:

    Ha, das würd mich freuen, wenn ich es gewinnen würde 🙂
    Would be very nice to win this!

  19. M says:

    Eine deutsche Fassung würde super ins Regal neben die englische Ausgabe passen 😉

  20. Freddy says:

    That would be awesome! *raises hand*

  21. Huhnbeauftragter says:

    Actually, I already presented a copy of the german edition as a birthday present to a very good friend. Yesterday…

    Great Work, Doug!

    Liebe Grüße!!
    Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter

    P.S.: I demand a personal chicken-cartoon for my birthday! 😉

  22. Alexander Schikora says:

    Nice, didn’t know you do translation, I’m looking forward to check it out. Danke 🙂

  23. Tobias says:

    Haben muss!

    I love your chickens – gave me a smile every day at the office 🙂

    Pick, Pick, Pick, PICK ME!


  24. ude says:

    Das wäre DIE Geschenkidee! Ich liebe deine Hühner!

    I love your Chickens! And I want to give the book as a present to my beloved mother.


  25. Gerhard says:

    choose me.ja?

  26. Johannes says:

    No thanks, I will buy it.

    Just kidding… Please let me win!

  27. Krystal says:

    I’m currently learning German so this would be perfect! If I don’t win, I will still buy the German edition…

    Chickens are my favorite.

  28. Cheryl says:

    Ich lerne Deutsches.

  29. kwramm says:

    WILL HABEN! bittebittebittedanke! Ich mach dann auch eine uebersetzung ins wienerische 😉

  30. Marzipan says:

    I’d love a signed copy of your book, Doug! Not sure, if it will be as good as the english version, but it will be nice to read it in german anyway.
    (The title “Bürohühner” is somewhat lame, though. 😉 )

  31. Jan says:

    Würde super neben der englischen Ausgabe in meinem Regal aussehen 🙂

  32. Jon says:

    My wife reads German and appreciates Savage Chickens.

  33. Aleksandra says:

    I’m from Poland, but I speak German fluently.

    Pick me.

    Please 🙂

  34. Luwano says:


    Yes yes, I read your tweets. Luckily I read the one about this contest. 😉

  35. Reynaerde says:

    Jawohl, bitte!

  36. madMUHHH says:


  37. AnnieA says:

    Guten Tag! sure, enter me in the contest…

  38. Snarkface says:

    Sie sind so lustig! Darf ich es haben?

  39. Annelise says:

    What a cool idea!
    I’d love to get one of your german books “Bürohühner”!
    But actually it could be better to win an english one in order to improve my english. 😀
    So the german version will just be the PERFECT break stuff for chilly and funny breaks.

    Have a nice day

  40. Martin Lindgren says:

    Oh, no it’s not my birthday and ‘hope’ is not the thing that will die last…it’s this fuckin’ awesome webpage with chickens!

  41. Felix says:

    I’m a German and I want this! …because it’s aweseome… and I like awesome things.

  42. Daniel says:

    Please, please, please mit Zucker drauf…

  43. Paisley says:

    Ich bin selber ein deutsches Bürohuhn und MUSS dieses Buch haben!

  44. Michelle says:

    Aber natuerlich kann ich Deutsch lesen!

  45. c3p says:

    Ich würde mich sehr über ein Buch freuen. 🙂

  46. Jake says:

    Ich wuerde mich sehr darauf freuen!

  47. Victoria says:

    ich würde dieses buch meiner zimmerkollegin schenken 😀

  48. MmmYarn says:

    Ein Paar Bürohühner auf dem Bücherregal wären toll! I enjoyed the English version and look forward to seeing the German version soon.

  49. Leak says:

    So i already bought it, but it’s obviously missing your signature… 😀

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